Skeptic Canary Interview on Philosophy, Science, and Morality

I went on the Skeptic Canary podcast today. Tom Williamson and Guy Chapman were gracious and thoughtful hosts. We talked a good bit about the relationships between philosophy, science, and ethics and I was really really pleased with how it was coming out as it went (I haven’t had a chance to watch it back yet, as I spent another hour and a half after the show in an equally, if not more, fascinating unrecorded discussion continuing on the themes of philosophy and science).

The other big news for me today is that I announced the times for my new sections of my interactive online philosophy courses that you can sign up for and the new pricing arrangements and am beginning taking enrollments. Check the permanent, regularly updated, page on my classes here at Camels With Hammers for a wealth of information about when classes will be, how much they’ll cost, and how to get good deals on them. Write me at to inquire about them more or to sign up today!

There will also be proper blog posts in days to come about how and why to take the courses.

Your Thoughts?

Your Thoughts?

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