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John Oliver has left The Daily Show for his own HBO show called Last Week Tonight and the opening show was absolutely fantastic. He mocked the American television media for largely ignoring the elections coming up in India and highlighted some of the newsworthy elements of the campaigns. Here’s part of how he profiled surging underdog candidate for Prime Minister Narendra Modi:

Modi has managed to inspire people with his populist platform including a pledge to put toilets in every home. Wow, that’s a bold move, coming out as pro-toilet. Finally someone is taking on the powerful “hastily dug ditch in a field” lobby. Now this is both funny and incredibly important as a public health issue. But if that wasn’t enough, in a move that I cannot believe no American politician has tried, Modi has been making campaign appearances via hologram…And that is how you convince undecided voters:

“So, who are you going to vote for?”
“Because he appeared to me as a hologram and told me he’d give me a toilet.”

That’s not just how you get elected, that’s how religions get started.

You can watch the whole show here for free, courtesy of HBO. The whole thing is informative and hilarious. The show also features a segment with some funny and scathing consumer protection/skepticism training related to food advertisements, a segment that raises consciousness about the depth and extent of wage exploitation in this country (it extends even to NFL cheerleaders), and segment in which Oliver actually managed to get an interview with the former head of the NSA, General Keith Alexander, to hold his feet to the fire in a traditional Daily Show/Colbert Report style interview.

If the former head of the NSA walked willingly into a pre-recorded interview with John Oliver, apparently the NSA is not keeping track of very much at all…

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