My Responses To Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s Remarks On Philosophy

Recently Neil DeGrasse Tyson made some controversial comments dismissing the value of philosophy for scientists and explaining why he discourages physics students from studying philosophy. Massimo Pigliucci has the key quotes from Tyson from a couple of sources and makes some terrific points in reply.

Today Tom Williamson was kind enough to invite me onto his Skeptic Canary Show to join talk about Tyson’s remarks. Jonathan MS Pearce of author of the blog A Tippling Philosopher and the book Beyond An Absence of Faith: Stories About the Loss of Faith and the Discovery of Self was on the entire show. I was only there for the last half hour, starting at 30:27 of the video above.

And below I am re-embedding my original appearance on the Skeptic Canary Show in which I had a full hour to talk about philosophy, science, and morality. This is from almost three months ago now (back in those hoary days of yore when it was Richard Dawkins taking potshots at philosophers in loose, off the cuff remarks).

Finally, I also appeared on the Skeptic Canary‘s special 50th episode as part of a larger panel. I spoke only a couple times. Once my remarks were in response to the question of whether to talk to believers “softly” or “loudly”. Here was my answer. My other remarks were in answer to the question of whether Christians were oppressed by atheists. Here was my answer.

The full video with all the panelists is below:

Your Thoughts?

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