Handy Summation of Legal Limits on Prayer at Legislative Sessions

Greece v. Galloway gave much too much latitude for sectarian prayer at legislative meetings. (I’m against all ceremonial prayers at all government sponsored events for the reasons I spelled out in this post and I am especially offended at the concept of allowing sectarian prayers as the Court just did. As I read the entire decision and then discussed it with my Philosophy for Atheists students, I came up with about 8 blog posts I wanted to write about all that is wrong with it. 

But while the limits weren’t stringent enough, there at least were limits to legislative prayer indicated. And now Americans United for Separation of Church and State have put together a really fantastic flyer that pulls them all out, puts them in one place, and makes for a fantastic resource for us to share with our local legislative bodies and hold them accountable to. There are more resources at a specific Americans United page for proactively responding to Greece v Galloway.

Study the flyer below (you can click on it to see it larger), even get a PDF version from the website, and keep it handy.

Your Thoughts?

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