My Appearance on Faith and Skepticism to Discuss “God’s Not Dead”

Faith and Skepticism is a podcast with both a Christian host named Jason Ramey and an atheist one named Nathan Reese. I was on their episode on God’s Not Dead, recorded this past Tuesday night. You can now listen to the audio here. (Or try to listen here if that link doesn’t work.)

On the subject of God’s Not Dead, I wrote a widely read, detailed criticism of its treatment of atheism and philosophy and its arguments for God called A Philosophy Professor Analyzes God’s Not Dead’s Case For God and four other discussions of the film that you can find here, here, here, and here. My challenge to theists to study with me this June is here.

I promise to be far far more civil in that class than I was on the podcast. During the podcast, as you will hear if you listen, I lost my temper and was excessively hostile throughout most of the show after that. I have since apologized for the harshness of my tone and for my bullying behavior. I will be much more my usual civil self, as could be heard or read in this podcast/transcript of my first radio interview with right wing radio host Jesse Lee Peterson for contrast. For more of my video and audio appearances to judge for yourself, check out my regularly updated permanent page with all my audio/visual appearances.

After the podcast I also wrote a follow up post based on both the conversation during the podcast and the one that continued after the show that was not recorded and won’t be released but which I found very provocative. The follow up post developed my call to all conservative Christians to take responsibility for the well being of the gay kids in conservative Christian homes, especially in light of the epidemics of homelessness and suicidal tendencies among LGBT youth in a culture where the primary demonizers of homosexuality are conservative Christians and in which any number of young people are growing up in the bubble of Christian subculture being taught from a very young age to demonize the very thing they themselves turn out to be (LGBT). That post is The Gay Enemy Threat in the Christian Home.

Here were my fellow guests:

Chris Heren: Chris has bachelor degrees in geology & integrated biology from the University of Illinois, an associates in philosophy from Illinois Central College, and a Masters in theological studies from Luther Seminary with a focus on the History of Christianity. He’s also working on his Master of Theology in systematics. After flirting with pseudo-Fundamentalism in college, he converted to Eastern Orthodoxy a few years ago. Chris blogs at

Craig Patton: Craig has been a Christian for 18 years. He occasionally attended church as a child, but considered himself an atheist until he was saved his Jr year of college on Spring Break in Panama City. Craig also believes in the inerrancy of God’s word when properly interpreted, and that God revealed himself so that individuals can relate directly with him, without the need of a priest or religious system.

Erick aka weaksquare: Erik joins us for the 2nd time as well. He was on our reasons for belief podcast. Erik loosely identifies as a philosophical skeptic and agnostic theist. He grew up in a heavily Christian culture in the Bible belt and became a Christian as a sophomore in High School. He has studied the claims and history of the Bible, and the formation of the canon pretty extensively. He maintains a weak belief because he believes the cost of non-belief is too high culturally.

Your Thoughts?

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