A Hilarious Introduction to Metaphysics (& An Announcement for Chicago Readers)

Sevren Darden was a founder of the legendary Second City, Chicago’s improvisational comedy group that has gone on to launch the careers of many comedic legends.

In this rare audio, he gives a hilarious 16 minute introduction to metaphysics.

By the way… SPEAKING of Chicago, I’m going to be there again, August 16-17. I will be available to meet up with blog readers who’d like to see me. If that’s you, drop me an e-mail at camelswithhammers@gmail.com with your availability that weekend and I will keep you in the loop as I work out my specific plans. My trip there two years ago was a fantastic success. I met lots of great people. Would love to reconnect with those of you who spent time with me last time and any of you who would like in on the action this time.

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