What Are You Doing Labor Day Weekend, Pennsylvania?

I know will be going to Pittsburgh for Labor Day weekend, August 29-31. I will be speaking at the 2014 Pennsylvania Atheists/Humanists Conference. I went to the 2013 conference just as an attendee and had a blast, finally met a lot of friends from online, and for the first time met a lot of new cool people who I’ve since stayed in touch with. If you live in Pennsylvania or eastern Ohio, you should totally come by and be part of the conference and hang out with me.

Along with me there’s a huge roster of great speakers:

Jamila Bey, Ed Brayton, Amanda Brown, Jerry Coyne, Jerry DeWitt, Fred Edwords, Vyckie Garrison, Annie Laurie Gaylor, Luis Granados, Sarah Haider, Rich Hess, Chris Johnson, Dave Lampe, Lauri Lebo, John Loftus, James Morrow, Faisal Saeed Al Mutar, Shanon Nebo, Mark Nebo, Andy Norman, Jon Pushinsky, Allison Reed, Monette Richards, and Mano Singham.

Check out their bios and their websites here. Register and book your hotel room here.

I’m especially delighted that this conference is in Pittsburgh since I went to college at Grove City College, just an hour north. That means I have a lot of college friends who are western Pennsylvanians (and Pennsylvanians generally), including a lot of friends in the Pittsburgh area. While most are evangelical Christians (since the school was one of the most evangelical Christian in the country), I’m hoping some will be curious enough to take me up on this invitation to join us. How fun would that be?

Finally, here’s an announcement—they’re going to kick off a new Sunday Assembly, apparently one of 99 new ones, that weekend! Check out the video below:

Your Plans To Attend?

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