Enter Sandman On Kazoo

Not much I can say about this one, it pretty much kazoos for itself: [Read more...]

Daily Hilarity: “Alarmed”

Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Heidegger And Nazism

This is a really interesting documentary on the life of Martin Heidegger which centers for the most part around the issue of his Nazism.  There are six parts worth watching through.  They start with the video below: Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Amazing Chalkboard Animation

I botched this post yesterday and didn’t realize it until now as I was without internet all afternoon and night yesterday.  Instead of the main chalkboard animation I meant to post I accidentally reposted the Obama and kid footage.  HERE now is the one of the most spectacular art projects I’ve ever seen.  It’s directed [Read More...]

On Trusting Scientists With Respect To Toxins

Yesterday I posted up a video by C0nc0rdance, which received this comment from The Vicar, which I reposted in its own post.  I then wrote C0nc0rdance to see if he might give us a reply and, graciously, he has: Life is not a risk-free environment. It is filled with trade-offs of one consequence for another. [Read More...]

Daily Hilarity: Mike Birbiglia On Hip Hop Animosity

This killed me: Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

How Safe Are Our Doses?

Earlier this morning, I posted a new video from a scientist explaining that below certain thresholds of concentration various potential toxins are not dangerous to us.  In reply, The Vicar makes some interesting points about the difficulties in controlling how the toxins we create will concentrate in practice, even if individual products in isolation have [Read More...]

“I Hate Religion Because…”

Blaghag’s endlessly interesting adventures as an atheist activist college student continue. This week, Purdue’s Intervarsity Christian Fellowship put up a blackboard with the words “I Hate Religion Because…” and invited Blaghag’s “Society of Non-Theists” to express their views on it.  I am wary of the word “hate” being involved here and not sure that atheists [Read More...]

Little Boy Asks Obama “Why Do People Hate You?”

Presidents have the darnedest things said to them: I love his response.  He uses the opportunity as a chance to model both empathetic understanding for his enemies and an unflappably positive, resilient spirit amidst disdain. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]