All the Awesome New “Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens” Light Sabers Revealed!

Incredible!! Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

“God’s Not Boring”: A Precocious Young Video Maker Evangelizes; Grows Up To Be An Atheist Vlogger.)

In the video below, atheist vlogger Jonny Scaramanga revisits his evangelizing videos he made as a kid. I identified instantly with the adorably earnest younger Jonny here, from the first moment of his presentation. (You can find several posts about my evangelizing Christian childhood here.) And, of course, I wholeheartedly endorse the older Jonny’s critiques. If [Read More...]

Why This Atheist Thinks Christians Should Fear Hell

  Young child from the documentary “Jesus Camp” This is a crosspost from guest contributor Peter Mosley. The Problem and a Typical Response It has been hard for me to understand why so many Christians seem comfortable believing I’ll burn in hell forever. It’s been even more difficult to witness their zealous protection, and even [Read More...]

If You Claim God Is Necessary For Morality, Don’t Bring Up Pedophiles


This is a crosspost from guest contributor Peter Mosley. TRIGGER WARNING: IN THE CONTEXT OF A RESPONSE TO COMMON CHRISTIAN APOLOGETICS, THIS POST DISCUSSES THE BIBLE’S STANCE ON THE SENSITIVE TOPICS OF CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE AND RAPE.  For some reason, in almost every discussion I’ve had about morality with a Christian, I’m asked, “So, what [Read More...]

Welcome New York Times Opinionator Readers!

I am quoted in an excellent new post at The New York Times philosophy blog “The Stone”, which is part of its “Opinionator” section. The piece is by Steve Neumann and it’s called “Free The Philosophical Beast”. The article is about the need for philosophers to engage beyond the walls of academia. So I thought [Read More...]

Before and After I Deconverted: The Development of My Sexual Imagination

This post is sexually explicit. Don’t read it if that makes you uncomfortable. And it’s about my own personal sexual interests. So you’ve been doubly warned if that makes you doubly uncomfortable. When I deconverted from Christianity at 21 years old I had never had sex. And I had gone to an evangelical Christian college [Read More...]

One Atheist’s View of Christmas

Nativity Scene

This is a post by guest contributor Peter Mosley.  First, let me say that I don’t really mind calling December 25th “Christmas.”  This is in spite of the fact that, historically speaking, December 25th was once called “Dies Natalis Solos Invicti,” which was basically a holiday in the name of the Roman sun god Sol Invictus that marked [Read More...]

Why is Eric Garner’s Unjust Death the Black American’s Problem?

The following essay is by Peter Mosley, a Camels With Hammers guest contributor. The essay was originally published under the same title on HubPages and is reprinted with Peter’s permission. Between me and the other world there is ever an unasked question: unasked by some through feelings of delicacy; by others through the difficulty of rightly framing it. All, nevertheless, [Read More...]

Welcome Peter Mosley to Camels With Hammers

Peter Mosley

I am always scouting for writers with distinctive voices and insights who resonate with me and have the right blend of characteristics to fit in well here at Camels With Hammers. There’s a small list of such writers who have accepted my invitations to write for a season or who occasionally submit pieces. And there is a small list of [Read More...]