Baby Got Book

This is funny, but not at all in the way its makers think it is. And disturbing in ways they don’t even suspect. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

12 Murdered in Paris, Apparently Over Satire of Islam #CharlieHebdo #JeSuisCharlie


UPDATE JANUARY 13, 2015: Here’s my post about the controversies swirling around Charlie Hebdo in the last 6 days since the massacre: Answering 16 of the Worst #JeSuisCharlie #CharlieHebdo Memes Ten journalists at Charlie Hebdo’s offices in Paris were assassinated this morning. Two  policemen were also killed and about twenty people were wounded. The perpetrators are apparently Muslim extremists. In this video you [Read More...]

The Onion Interviews God

Your Thoughts? [Read more...]


One of my favorite songs. [Read more...]

2014′s Song of the Year (to me)

Each of the last few years there’s one song that sort of dominates my mind for the year and becomes inextricably linked in my mind to the year it comes from. In 2014 that song was “Arrow” by Kacey Musgraves: I featured the song in one of my favorite posts of my writing this year, [Read More...]

Emma Watson’s “HeForShe” Speech

In case you only heard about but didn’t actually watch her speech at the UN, it’s well written and Emma Watson delivers it in a movingly heartfelt and winningly nervous performance worth seeing. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Lykke Li’s “Gunshot”

Lykke Li’s “Gunshot” is on her 2014 album I Never Learn. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Lonely Nerd Girls Suffer Too

Laurie Penny answers MIT professor Scott Aaronson’s insistence that his nerdy youth was too painful to be considered one of privilege and that nerds are not the neanderthals abusing women: These are curious times. Gender and privilege and power and technology are changing and changing each other. We’ve also had a major and specific reversal of [Read More...]

Reflections of a Post-Academic Philosopreneur

On January 1 of this year, I wrote a surprisingly widely read post with my reflections as I left academia. In response, Colleen Flaherty from Inside Higher Ed contacted me to do a piece on me. She sent me some preliminary questions and then interviewed me over the phone. Here are the answers I gave to her [Read More...]