In Defense of Trying To Deconvert People

I want to deconvert people. I am not like those atheists who insist that while they want to protect the separation of church and state, guarantee the integrity of science education, or fight for social justice, they have no problem with other people’s private beliefs so long as they “hurt no one”. I am not one of those atheists who conflates trying to change [Read More...]

Dear Mr. Ambassador, Representative of Pakistan (Re: #TwitterTheocracy)

H.E. Ambassador Masood Khan Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the United Nations Pakistani Mission to the United Nations 8 East 65th Street New York, NY 10065 Re: Pakistani government censoring accounts and posts on Twitter Dear Mr. Ambassador, We, the undersigned organizations, represent hundreds of thousands of ex-Muslims, liberal religious believers, secularists, humanists, atheists, and [Read More...]

Join The Campaign Against #TwitterTheocracy Today

CFI Blasphemy Laws Because We Are Afraid of a Little Bird

Twitter shouldn’t be an arm of theocracy used to punish “blasphemers”. Speak out against #TwitterTheocracy. [Read more...]

18 Facts About New York

I only miss her when I think about her. Can’t wait to be in a position to move back again. Your Facts and Memories About New York? [Read more...]

Use Facebook To Pinpoint When Your Life Fell Apart

The Onion reports on a new functionality that finds your “lifepoint”–the point in your life when it took an irrevocable turn for the worse: New Facebook Feature Scans Profile To Pinpoint Exactly When Things Went Wrong Your “Lifepoints”? [Read more...]

Water Up To The Statue Of Liberty’s Elbow

In recent weeks, it’s been descriptions of what is projected to happen to my beloved home, New York City, that have really helped me to understand the threat of climate change in a way that hits home with me. In this context, Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s interview about climate denialism, creationism, and the religious and political [Read More...]

Exclusively Read My Systematic Take on the God Debates

Sunday I started writing and posting my essays for my new all-written, online-forum style class on the existence of God, and participating in the forum with the students there. It’s been fantastic so far. I’ve never been one to write out my lectures before speaking them before so this written only forum is allowing me [Read More...]

Jonah Hill’s Apology For Anti-Gay Slur

It’s great to see his firm statement against abusive language as much as his willingness to take full responsibility for what he did wrong. As he says in his apology, words matter, including beyond our intentions with them. I have written several relevant posts about why this isn’t about just an aversion to dirty words, [Read More...]

John Oliver Hilariously Highlights The Need For Net Neutrality

NPR reports that the FCC has been flooded with comments since this. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]