Notable blogs, podcasts, and resources related to atheism, philosophy, philosophy of religion, or politics.

Alexander Pruss
Ashley Miller
Ask Richard
Atheist Ethicist
Atheist Experience
Atheist Rev
Bad Astronomy
Bad Skeptic
Believing Bullshit
Brain Hammer
Brute Reason
Chaos Pet
Citizen of Earth
Clergy Guy
Cristina Rad
Crommunist Manifesto
Cross Examined
Daylight Atheism
Digital Cuttlefish
Dirty Nirdy
Discover Magazine
The Dish
Dispatches from the Culture Wars
Eponymous Fliponymous
Error Statistics Philosophy
Ethical Realism
Evolving Thoughts
The Freethinker
Freethought Blogs
Friendly Atheist
Glenn Greenwald
The Good Atheist
Good Without God
Greta Christina
The Heresy Club
Heteronormative Patriarchy for Men
History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps
The Human Bible
The Immanent Frame
In Living Color
It’s Only A Theory
Laci Green
Leiter Reports
Less Wrong
Love Joy Feminism
Mano Singham
Maryam Namazie
Martin S. Pribble
Metamagician and the Hellfire Club
Misplaced Grace
The Mod Squad
The Muppet Mindset
No Longer Quivering
Non Stamp Collector
Ozy Frantz’s Blog
Patheos Atheism Channel
Patheos Blogs
The Partially Examined Life
Permission to Live
PhD Comics
Planet Atheism
The Philosopher’s Groan
Philosophy Bites
Philosophy of Cosmology
Philosophy TV
The Phoenix and the Olive Branch
PolyskepticPoint of Inquiry
Qualia Soup
Quizzical Pussy
Rationally Speaking
Reasonable Doubts
Religion Dispatches
Richard Carrier Blogs
Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science
Rock Beyond Belief
Roll to Disbelieve
Sam Harris
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
Savage Love
Science Blogs
Secular Outpost
Sendai Anonymous
Servile Conformist
Skeptic Blog
Skeptic Freethought
Skeptic Inc Network
SuchThatCast–Philosophers’ Podcast
Speaking When The World Sleeps
Talking Philosophy
Ta-Nehisi Coates
Taslima Nasreen
Tauriq Moosa
Temple of the Future
Think Tonk
Token Skeptic
The Uncredible Hallq
The Unemployed Philosophers Blog
Unreasonable Faith
The Way Forward
What is it Like to be a Woman in Philosophy
What Would JT Do?
Zinnia Jones