7 Anti-GMO Myths Debunked

My good friend Stephanie Guttormson has a new YouTube channel called ThinkStephtically. Below is her first major video, a really good and accessible response to anti-GMO concerns. (And you can watch an introduction to the channel here.) Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Mutual Kindness As The Key To A Successful Relationship

Emily Esfahani Smith has a really interesting article in The Atlantic about Ty Tashiro’s recently published book The Science of Happily Ever After: What Really Matters in the Quest for Enduring Love. Contrasting the “masters” of love with the “disasters” in love, she summarizes research covered in the book in which newlywed couples are observed in how [Read More...]

How To Criticize Religion: Understand Religions in their Contexts

Below is a previously unpublished installment of my “How To Criticize Religion” series. This article is new. This article is self-sufficient. No knowledge of posts 1, 2, or 3 in the series is required to follow this post. Religions never exist in a vacuum. Whether they lead to good, evil, or neutral results in the world, religions evolve through complex interactions [Read More...]

Moral and Philosophical Arguments Against Fetal Personhood

In preparation for a forthcoming article on attempts by right wing activists and legislatures to pass “fetal personhood amendments” that would outlaw abortion or limit abortion rights, Valerie Tarico, author of Trusting Doubt: A Former Evangelical Looks at Old Beliefs in a New Light, interviewed me about a number of philosophical issues related to the [Read More...]

How To Criticize Religion. Part 3: Address The Question of “True Religion” With Nuance

Below is part 3 of my reprint of my “How To Criticize Religion” series, with one new paragraph added. This was originally published in the former Secularite digital magazine. This article is self-sufficient. No knowledge of Part 1: Understand Why and How Metaphors Work in Practice or Part 2: Don’t Treat All of Religion as a Monolith is assumed in what [Read More...]

Quotations Accumulated The Last 12 Months

2 years ago today, I decided to post the quotes I kept on my Facebook wall under “Favorite Quotations”. Then a year ago today, I decided to post more quotes that I had accumulated in the meantime. So now it’s a tradition. In the last year since, here are the things I came across or [Read More...]

How to Criticize Religion. Part 2: Don’t Treat All of Religion as a Monolith.

Below is part 2 of my reprint of my “How To Criticize Religion” series, originally published in the former Secularite digital magazine. This article is self-sufficient, no knowledge of Part 1: Understand Why and How Metaphors Work in Practice is assumed in what follows. We atheistic opponents of religion often shamelessly declare ourselves to be defenders and promoters of [Read More...]

Famous Homosexuals In History

I loved the show Soap when it used to run on Comedy Central. Yesterday, I discovered it’s no longer on Netflix streaming, which was a bummer. So, I turned to YouTube to see what scraps I could find and found this gem of a clip which happens to involve Plato and some vintage mainstream education against homophobia. [Read More...]

How to Criticize Religion. Part 1: Understand Why and How Metaphors Work in Practice

Some atheists see no need to understand religions in detail. They’ll say, “Just as one needn’t be a ‘unicornologist’ to justify a nonbelief in unicorns, one needn’t know the intricacies of theology to justify a nonbelief in gods. If religious beliefs are irrationally derived and systematically false, their particulars don’t matter.” Now it is true [Read More...]