I was really irritated last night by Derren Brown’s choice to use his lottery trick on national TV in Britain to propagate fundamentally bogus mathematical thinking and to convince a group of people that their belief in their abilities to reach into the subconscious was able to generate knowledge of winning lottery ticket numbers.  It’s one thing to perform illusions and to highlight thereby our susceptibility to sleight of hand.  Illusionists do us an invaluable service by showing how possible… Read more

From the BBC via Pharyngula comes this ugly monstrous little parasitic bastard who eats his host fish’s tongue and replaces it with itself: Your Thoughts? Read more

Brand new from ZJ:  The French have a spring that is alleged to perform miracles.  ZJ reasons that even if it did perform miracles it wouldn’t speak much of the deity behind them: Mr. Deity on the other hand seems to understand these criticisms and that’s why he never intervenes: Your Thoughts? Read more

The live footage of the second plane hitting the south tower on September 11, 2001 as broadcast on numerous New York television stations and national news outlets and as it looked and sounded in real time footage which was broadcast only later.  It goes without saying that the footage is disturbing.  Here is the official youtube description of the video: This segment is comprised of a succession of newscasts that feature the impact of Flight 175 into the South Tower… Read more

Seems like ours is not the only military turning to religious zealotry and desire for holy war for motivation. Your Thoughts? Read more

Earlier this week, Derren Brown gave the illusion of predicting the lottery numbers before they were revealed in real time on national TV in Britain.  Here’s that original video in case you missed it: Now here is his bullshit explanation of how he did it. Why his explanation makes no sense: He took inspiration from the Wisdom of Crowds theory, which essentially says that decisions made by lots of people are better than those by individuals. The theory tells how… Read more

May your strength give us strength, may your faith give us faith, may your hope give us hope, may your love give us love. In recent weeks I have distinguished and criticized numerous distinct belief formation and justification practices which go by the name of “faith.”  I have argued that it is neither rational nor ethically responsible to believe in propositions for whose truth you do not have sufficient evidence.  It is neither rational nor ethically responsible to believe people… Read more

Your Thoughts? Read more

ZJ has another predictably perfect video brilliant in unpredictably sharp ways: There are those who say that religious beliefs are not at the root of certain behaviors that appear to be caused by religion. Even when the actions of the religious are completely in line with their beliefs, even when they openly proclaim that they are acting based on their religion, some will still insist that religious belief has nothing do with it at all. This happens surprisingly often. Whenever… Read more

An older Edward Current piece, brilliant as all of them: Your Thoughts? Read more

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