Gay Marriage = Religious Freedom

Another great video from before the inception of Camels With Hammers worth catching up on in case you missed it.  This one is from robtish, who has other terrific videos on his youtube channel. It’s not just a cheerleading or general argument video but an in-depth information video with a bunch of important facts refuting some [Read More...]

The Real Thing

If I had my way, I’d spend every October weekend retreated to a beautiful autumnal countryside. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Scientists Pwn Those Lying About Their Work For Creationist Agendas

PZ Myers points us to two great letters from scientists to creationists distorting the meaning of their work.  The idea that non-biologists commenting on the internet can feel entitled to go around calling legitimate biologists frauds is so stupefying to me.  Do these people have no humility, no appreciation for the rigors of specialized scientific [Read More...]

Ig Nobel Prize Winning Research On Sword Swallowing And Its Side Effects

Fascinating stuff: via True Slant There are 6 videos on Ig Nobel Prize winners on youtube from Submarine Channel. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Humanist Symposium #44

Cubik’s Rube presents this month’s extraordinary array of impressive blog posts submitted for the Humanist Symposium with a good deal of style and engagement.  I most recommend you check out the symposium and the blog’s featured therein. [Read more...]

Extrinsic Motivation A Poor Substitute For Intrinsic Motivation

I’ve always had a personal and philosophical aversion to motivation that is rooted in extrinsic rewards.  I balk pretty heavily at the idea that moral actions can be motivated by the hope for rewards or the fear of punishment.  I am Kantian to the extent that I am firmly convinced that however right one’s action [Read More...]

Sundaily Hilarity: Puppet Love

So so creepy. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Lisa Hannigan Interview and Live Performance

Starting at 2 hour 26 minutes 55 seconds, an interview with (and live performance from!) the musically and personally utterly lovely Lisa Hannigan (whom I had the wonderful pleasure of seeing and meeting this summer) on Jonathan Ross’s show from October 17 found here. If you don’t know her yet, take fifteen minutes to get [Read More...]

Happy Birthday Dave!!!

Camels With Hammers‘s webmaster extraordinaire and occasional contributor, Dave Smith, turns 32 today.  My previous forays into blogging were so fundamentally inhibited by my programming illiteracy that I can honestly say that this blog, in so many of its most successful features would simply not be possible without Dave’s volunteered efforts.  He has really made [Read More...]