Hi! I’m Sendai Anonymous. Recently, Daniel and I have been having a bit of a back and forth about Christianity and Islam, and the way the believers choose to interpret their holy books here, and I thought it’d be best if I briefly summarised my views, too. In his post, Daniel writes that Islam is, in general, inherently more recalcitrant to secularization because of the sorts of limits the religion places on rational criticism of the faith or the Koran…. Read more

A couple years ago the Christian apologists at American Vision put up this ugly bit of fear mongering: To which Laci Green more recently retorted with this satire: Your Thoughts? Read more

Discover some of the most interesting posts from the most interesting skeptical and godless bloggers at their respective carnivals! Read more

According to Dennett, it’s just like showing how magicians and musicians do theirs: Your Thoughts? Read more

Evangelos asks another excellent question in reply to my latest installment of the ongoing “Disambiguating Faith” series: I hope you can do an entry on the practicality of rationality. As you know, human beings are by default not rational beings; as a psychology professor once told me, “our brains have evolved for survival, not calculus”. We make many assumptions, deal with heuristics, and jump to conclusions for the sake of expediency; there are a significant number of cognitive biases that… Read more

Let me just take a moment to express my profound hatred for Augustine, one of most loathsome influences in all of intellectual history.  If you’ve ever suffered nights of mental torture over a religiously inspired, disproportionate and overblown sense of your own utter worthlessness and sinfulness simply for being human, be sure to offer a curse or two to St. Augustine on this day of his remembrance.  His philosophy is vile misanthropy that has taught Christians far more about how… Read more

One can understand cool feelings and justifiably harsh moral judgments of Ted Kennedy over his behaior at Chappiquiddick.   But the Roman Catholic Church apparently takes more offense at his political independence of itself.  The pope has yet to issue any statement in the wake of Kennedy’s death and when Obama hand delivered a letter from the senator last summer, there was this response: One veteran official at the Vatican, of U.S. nationality, expressed the view of many conservatives about… Read more

Ophelia Benson and Jeremy Stangroom have a book out called Does God Hate Women? Nick Cohen quotes it thusly, Well, what can one say. Religious authorities and conservative clerics worship a wretchedly cruel unjust vindictive executioner of a God. They worship a God of 10-year-old boys, a God of playground bullies, a God of rapists, of gangs, of pimps. They worship — despite rhetoric about justice and compassion — a God who sides with the strong against the weak, a God… Read more

You know, I’m tired hearing of these blood-boiling cases of children dying because of their parents influencing them to substitute prayer for medicine.  Here’s the latest such murder to make the news, via Mojoey)  I’m also tired of the term “faith healing” to describe these events.  I suggest we call it what it really is: faith killing. Your Thoughts? Read more

Dutch officials have detained a 13 year old sailor in order to evaluate her psychological fitness to make the decision to sail the world: 13-year-old Laura Dekkerwants to become the youngest person to sail solo around the world, a goal her parents support. But today, Dutch authorities put her in temporary state custody while psychologists assess whether she should be allowed to go. Laura has been placed in the dual custody of Dutch child care officials and her parents, who are… Read more

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