Jesus’ Sketchy Alleged Ancestors

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Carnival Of The Godless #127 (The First With Hammer Juggling Camels)

Camels With Hammers is proud to host the 127th Carnival of the Godless! Starting us off is Winter Harvest’s Neosnowqueen delivering a really intense and personal post that you really must take the time to read and ponder in full: If there is one thing that I have learned as an introvert, it’s that you [Read More...]

United States Conference Of Catholic Bishops Review Of Invention Of Lying

makes the film sound must-see: The fashionable “new atheism” — popularized in book form by such authors as Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens — unexpectedly slithers its way into the neighborhood cineplex with the arrival of “The Invention of Lying” (Warner Bros.). Though its trailer gives no clue as to its true agenda, this venomous [Read More...]

Maher And Dawkins During The AAI

Last night, Bill Maher received an award named for Richard Dawkins and before arriving at the awards show to accept the award, he was on TV live with Dawkins while the conference watched.  And, btw, in this video, Thomas Friedman has a remark that I think is one of the most insightful you’ll hear about [Read More...]

Glenn Beck’s “Instant Sadness”

Behind the scenes with the cynical clown: Jason Linkins contextualizes. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

A Picture Of One Of The Oldest Things In The World

No, Dad, this is not another post about your birthday.  But:  happy birthday again! Jason Kottke explains that this photo from Rachel Sussman is of 400,000 year old actinobacteria from Siberia.  Kottke further explains: There’s a map and a progress blog and an unassociated Wikipedia entry that tells of the ocean-going species Turritopsis nutricula: The Hydrozoan species Turritopsis nutricula [Read More...]

Fresh Hitchens

For fellow junkies like myself, here is Christopher Hitchens appearing this past Thursday on a panel in Australia taking on 4 fellow religious panelists at once and just making mince meat of them.  He’s filled with razor sharp quips and eloquently put arguments as always.  It’s a great watch: Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Rabbits Think It’s Neat Too

From Julia Segal, via Too Many Tribbles: Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Perspective On Polanski

Sendai Anonymous has all you need to set you straight on Polanski.  And then a little bit on the stupefying injustice to which Polish hypocrisy related to this matter sinks, (Sendai Anonymous, it’s worth noting is Polish, so this matter hits particularly close to home.  She’s also a woman, so that’s also part of why [Read More...]