Here’s a terrific page with answers to all the important questions about God. Your Thoughts? Read more

Some really interesting tips for detecting liars.  A lot of stuff here that I hadn’t thought of before but they’re really intuitive and make you realize the many ways people can clumsily go about trying to deceive.  A few I found particularly worth note: • Timing and duration of emotional gestures and emotions are off a normal pace. The display of emotion is delayed, stays longer it would naturally, then stops suddenly. • A guilty person gets defensive. An innocent… Read more

but you can make beautiful and unique snowflakes by clicking here! Read more

Simon Fraser University is instituting the grade of FD, a grade worse than F, for “egregious cases of academic dishonesty.” It can only be given by authorities higher up than professors and it would have possibly long lasting implications: The FD would remain on a student’s transcripts during their time at SFU and for two years after graduation, which could affect the possibility of postgraduate studies or even getting a job if a potential employer asks to see transcripts. Severity… Read more

A really disturbing look at some incidents from Scientology’s dark and abusive history.. Read more

Wandering Internet Commentator asks You’ll have to excuse my ignorance here, whereas you have a doctorate in philosophy (I think) I’m just a Wandering Internet Commentator whose experience with philosophy extends no farther than a 101 college class. I’m very close to the doctorate but not quite there yet—check back in a few months… So if you wouldn’t mind me asking, just what is the difference between an empirical argument and a normative argument, and why should we consider the… Read more

WIC writes this reply to recent remarks I made to him.  I am only quoting here the portion I specifically address, to read his counter to me in its entirety, click here. The question then becomes whether or not Collins is truly ‘sloppy’ outside the lab in regards to religion. You, Harris, Myers, and other atheists might believe so, but some folks ranging from Christian laymen to Christian scientists to maybe even some agnostics…perhaps even–gasp!–atheists!–might disagree. Personally, after reading Harris’… Read more

In reply to this post addressing previous objections that Wandering Internet Commentator made to me, WIC returns volley (sentences in italics are quotes he has taken from my previous post to him): I anticipated creationists figuring in your reply. The problem is, though, I’m not really sure they’re the best example of religion ‘polluting’ the scientific endeavor. Outside of other creationists and evangelical Christians, nobody takes ‘creation scientists’ seriously. If these people were peddling their faith-polluted science in peer-reviewed journals… Read more

My previous post today on religious scientists was based on a comment I first made on the blog He Lives in reply to a post there.  Below is a subsequent comment from that blog from “Wandering Internet Commenter” interspersed with my replies to him. Normative arguments are fun and all, but it never hurt to have at least a small bit of empirical backing to them. You note ‘infamously bad examples of people who bring their faith into the laboratory,’… Read more

Steve Salerno paints a dark picture: Loath to force ill-prepared students to stretch by mandating a core sequence in math and science, most colleges permit them to concentrate in their major subjects and fluffy electives.A 2004 study of 50 major colleges and universities found that half failed to require students to take a suite of core courses in such basic subject areas as math, science and economics – and a quarter required just one such core course or none at… Read more

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