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Friendly Atheist Hemant Mehta reports: I’ve mentioned before how atheists are atop the leaderboard at Kiva — a website that “allows people to lend money via the Internet to microfinance institutions in developing countries which in turn lend the money to small businesses…” It’s a wonderful charity. The 5,000+ members of the Atheists, Agnostics, Skeptics, Freethinkers, Secular Humanists and the Non-Religious group have given over $763,000 in loans! And Kiva Christians are in second But here’s a fun twist: If… Read more

As part of a 9 page critical review of Robert Wright’s The Evolution of God, Jerry Coyne levels more than a few incisive challenges countering Wright’s faith in religion as an indispensible aid to moral progress.  Here are just a few of Coyne’s key points. First he enlists David Hume to challenge Wright’s assumption that monotheistic moralities are superior to polytheistic ones: One can in fact make a good case that, contrary to Wright’s claim, ethics went downhill as religion… Read more

Rust Belt Philosophy criticizes Lisa Miller’s account of the criticisms of Collins as being an example of spineless mainstream media not willing to countenance the real crux of the challenge to his nomination: she manages to keep up the dry indifference and artificial neutrality of opinion that afflicts our media, all while studiously avoiding anything that might upset the status quo. This last bit in particular is what bothers me. Among the many, many names Miller could’ve picked to represent… Read more

Shawn Wamsley makes some interesting and illuminating claims about patristic understanding of what made their texts authoritative. Below is just an excerpt.  The entire piece is worth reading: The derivation of authority does not originate from the occasion of their writing or the exact syntax of words and vocabulary.  Rather, their authority is derived from concepts and the individuals who delivered them; the most important of these individuals was Jesus Christ and the Spirit through which his words were communicated.[7]… Read more

Joe.My.God picks up this video to which World Net Daily is giving promotion: Your Thoughts? Read more

Pharyngula has a great find: Cobb County, Georgia is infamous for its efforts a few years ago to slap a warning sticker on biology textbooks, which might have given the impression that it’s full of southern yahoos. However, intelligent people and godless people are everywhere, including Cobb County, and they now have another claim to fame: a local atheist, Edward Buckner, used the opening invocation of a county board meeting to deliver a godless homily. It’s not bad; you can… Read more

Earlier today I posted Brendan Palla’s reply to my posts on unconditional love and love in general.  In what follows, I have interspersed my replies to him within the stream of his argument. I want to open with a bit of a critique. I don’t think you’ve captured very well the notion of unconditional love in your first post. As I understand it, on your account, if you love someone for a reason, say that they are handsome, or virtuous,… Read more

A week ago I posted twice on the theme of love, spending the first post on what I saw to be conceptual problems for the ideal of unconditional love and then focusing the second post on a constructive attempt to characterize love and then locating unconditional love within that new framework. The next day, Brendan Palla offered some criticisms to me in person and I asked him if he would put them in writing for the blog and he has… Read more

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