New Philosophical Counter-Apologetics Class

I have two students committing to attend a new section of Philosophy of Religion in December 2015. I am aiming to make this round of the class specifically as a philosophical counter-apologetics treatment of the subject, designed to specificlaly help deconverts from religion and other non-believers understand the intricacies of the best theistic philosophy of religion arguments [Read More...]

Deconversion After Religious Abuse

This is a guest post by Chris Attaway.  Deconversion can be a difficult process, not least because the people around you are oftentimes less than understanding. This is doubly the case if you deconvert after a bad experience, because people will assume that you deconverted strictly because of that experience. I’ve certainly had people assume [Read More...]


How Progressive Allies Hurt Marginalized Muslims and Ex-Muslims

This is a guest post by Hiba Krisht, an ex-Muslim writer and bisexual woman. It is adapted with her permission from her response on Facebook to this meme: Look, if we’re going to expound upon the virtues of meticulously and accurately acknowledging the multifaceted character of Muslim belief and practice, then when we do that [Read More...]


Depression: Pedaling With The Brakes On

The following is a guest post by Lex. I learned to ride a bike when I was a child, but didn’t have much opportunity to practice during my teen years. So the next time I had the chance to go on a ride, at eighteen years old with a small group of people, I was nervous [Read More...]


In Which I Vent About Kim Davis (and Announce My New Philosophy Class Times)

A week ago, I had a blast appearing on the No Religion Required podcast. Bobby, Ashley, Jeremiah, and John could not have been any more hospitable hosts. The main topic I got to vent (and vent I did) about was Kim Davis. Then I explained a bit about how my philosophy classes work and what “empowerment [Read More...]


So you say you just want to show me God’s love

This is a guest post by Lex When I was a Christian teenager, I enjoyed Jaci Velasquez’s music. I bought every album as it came out (and I still put her Christmas album on every December). One song in particular resonated strongly with me, Show you Love. (lyrics available at the bottom of the post) [Read More...]

Non-Believers Participating In Religious Rituals: A Question of Inclusiveness, Respect for Boundaries, and Consciences

After deconverting during my senior year at a conservative evangelical college, I enrolled the next year as a first year philosophy graduate student at a Catholic university. I took university housing and so was assigned my roommates through the graduate school. They were both Catholics. Mike was a medieval studies graduate student and Matthew was a philosophy graduate student focusing on [Read More...]

Patronizing Religious People Is Disrespectful

In the last couple weeks, various atheist bloggers here at Patheos have tackled the topic of whether they would pray with loved ones if requested. I want to write about several aspects of this issue. But just covering the first one I wanted to treat meant a full post. Hopefully I’ll write about the other aspects. [Read More...]

How Should We Conceive of Morality, Science, Love, Sex, and Gender? Explore These Questions With Me In Classes This Fall.

Hi everyone! My summer hiatus from blogging is over! Expect regular new posting on Camels With Hammers to ramp up this weekend! I’ve spent the last four months researching and developing a number of exciting new class sessions to offer students. My interactive online videoconference philosophy classes have been a huge success and kept me extremely busy. And [Read More...]

Different Fundamentalists, Same Covered-Up Child Abuse

A Review of Fortney Road: Life, Death, and Deception in a Christian Cult, by Jeff C. Stevenson Review written by M. Dolon Hickmon  Lately, the Internet has been flooded with revelations of a particular Christian child abuse scandal, perpetrated by an ethically-challenged gang of TV celebrities, who banked a small fortune as de facto spokespersons [Read More...]