The Force Awakens Is A Lazy Cop Out (Spoiler-Free Review)

Come discuss Star Wars with us by joining the Camels With Hammers closed Facebook group for people who have seen The Force Awakens or don’t mind learning spoilers. This is my review that spoils no plot points. The closest to spoiling plot beyond the very basic things in commercials already is to note that a few things one might have hoped are in the film are simply missing or virtually missing. If you’d like to watch my video talking in spoiler-full terms about the film, it’s here. The… Read more

How The Force Awakens Disappointed Me (Spoilers Galore)

Lex and I got to see The Force Awakens tonight because it premiered in France today. I was going to first write a spoiler-free review but I was so hyped up with my frustrations that I wanted to vent them up front and I can’t really explain what’s wrong with the movie without talking about it in detail. So this video is my fresh out of the theater ranting with Lex response to the things that the movie did, and… Read more

Jon Stewart Shames Republicans Playing Politics With 9/11 Responders’ Lives #worstresponders

Jon Stewart returned to The Daily Show last night to chronicle his trip to Capitol Hill to lobby Republican Senators who are refusing to support funding for the renewal of the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act which for 5 years has provided funding for 9/11 first responders suffering illnesses most likely contracted at Ground Zero but which required renewal this autumn. Check out the videos below for your daily dose of information about how despicable hypocritical right wing politicians exploit patriotic… Read more

Everything You Think You Know About Hymens Is Wrong

The show Adam Ruins Everything has a humorous and informative clip from the show in which they debunk common myths about hymens and speak out against vile, invasive “virginity tests”. Even if you knew most of this information, as I did, this is a terrific resource for remedial sex education for your friends and family members and, in particular, the young people and bigots in your lives. If the schools in our country won’t educate about sex, it’s up to… Read more

The Inspiring Manifesto of the Muslim Reform Movement #MuslimReform

When my ex-Muslim friends today were giving glowing reviews to Asra Nomani for her courageous and insightful appearance on Meet the Press yesterday, I was led to investigate the declaration from Muslim Reform Movement, of which she was a cosignatory. And I was blown away by it. It is a wonderful declaration, in many ways far surpassing the low bar of “moderate religiosity” that all too many progressives, in the thrall of religious privilege and a bigotry of low expectations, are… Read more

Moderate Muslims Have Hit Their “Wall”

A personal account of a moderate Muslim’s dilemma with blasphemy. Read more

New Philosophical Counter-Apologetics Class

I have two SIX students committing to attend a new section of Philosophy of Religion in December 2015. I am aiming to make this round of the class specifically as a philosophical counter-apologetics treatment of the subject, designed to specificlaly help deconverts from religion and other non-believers understand the intricacies of the best theistic philosophy of religion arguments and the best counterarguments to them. My tentativesettled plan is to hold this class on Friday nights 8pm-10pm 10pm-12am Eastern Time. (We’ll work out… Read more

Deconversion After Religious Abuse

This is a guest post by Chris Attaway.  Deconversion can be a difficult process, not least because the people around you are oftentimes less than understanding. This is doubly the case if you deconvert after a bad experience, because people will assume that you deconverted strictly because of that experience. I’ve certainly had people assume I converted because of bad people. The truth is, yes, certain morally repugnant Christians did move me along the path to deconversion — but not… Read more

How Progressive Allies Hurt Marginalized Muslims and Ex-Muslims

This is a guest post by Hiba Krisht, an ex-Muslim writer and bisexual woman. It is adapted with her permission from her response on Facebook to this meme: Look, if we’re going to expound upon the virtues of meticulously and accurately acknowledging the multifaceted character of Muslim belief and practice, then when we do that we simply can’t cherry-pick for ourselves which aspects of Islam we want to acknowledge and which ones we want to minimize or rationalize away. We… Read more

Depression: Pedaling With The Brakes On

The following is a guest post by Lex. I learned to ride a bike when I was a child, but didn’t have much opportunity to practice during my teen years. So the next time I had the chance to go on a ride, at eighteen years old with a small group of people, I was nervous about starting again. I also didn’t have a very clear frame of reference about how easy or how hard it should be. So I borrowed… Read more

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