What True Repentance Looks Like

A couple weeks ago I excerpted and linked to an article in which friend of Camels With Hammers M. Dolon Hickmon described the viciousness of the beatings his father inflicted upon him as a small child and the origins of this child abuse in explicitly religious training. Dolon has also written a mystery thriller called 13:24: [Read More...]

What to Make of our Natural Dispositions to Supernaturalism?

Reasonable Doubts has a terrific new episode critically analyzes arguments against atheism by psychologist Justin L. Barrett and philosopher Kelly Clark that try to combine findings in cognitive science that indicate natural dispositions in most people towards supernaturalistic beliefs with an interpretation of warrant for beliefs that comes from Christian philosopher Alvin Plantinga in order [Read More...]

Teaching Empathy Instead of Obedience

Libby Anne’s latest brilliant post on parenting analyzes a recent incident in which her 2 year old son hit her 5 year old daughter with a toy and the 5 year old struck back and caused him to cry. As soon as Libby Anne heard him cry she swooped onto the situation and the 5 [Read More...]

Cory Booker’s Pro-Atheist Tweets

Good on Cory Booker! Religion without determined human kindness is an absurdity: “Religion. It's given people hope in a world torn apart by religion.”Jon Stewart — Cory Booker (@CoryBooker) September 21, 2014 I’m a Christian & believe we should listen to Athiests especially if they challenge us. Christians have no monopoly on truth @magnoliaflower — [Read More...]



Your Thoughts? via Jim Pryor. [Read more...]

Before I Deconverted: “My God Died on the Cross, Not At McDonald’s!”

I attended my first concert at 14. It was at a Christian teen conference, I was a devout evangelical Christian, and the band was Audio Adrenaline. I got to meet them after the show. One of them had actually been a camp counselor at my church camp and had very briefly had a thing with a [Read More...]

Postmodern Jukebox, Featuring Morgan James

These performances are just incredibly charming and infectious: Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

A Personal Relationship With Jesus

I’ve had the privilege to see Vyckie Garrison give the speech above twice (and to read it over in advance of her giving it). In it she explains how the warning signs that a domestic violence counselor asked her about in order to assess the health of her marriage all involved things that Vyckie and her [Read More...]

Start Studying Philosophy With Me This October (New Times Now Available!)


My September classes launch is done and so I am pleased now to announce the broad range of new times to choose from to study philosophy with me online, starting the first week of October. The way my classes work, you can join any existing class or sign up for one that is launching anew. [Read More...]