Eddie Murphy Undercover As A White Man

This is the one Eddie Murphy skit from Saturday Night Live I have always remembered since I saw it as a kid: Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

The Joy of Discovery

“We are, you and I, at least one of the ways that the universe knows itself.” Bill Nye from the debate with Ken Ham a week ago. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Ancient Camel Bones Hammer Biblical Literalists

I don’t cover nearly enough important news stories related to religion or to camels. But I really can’t pass up this one since it’s about religion and camels. The Old Testament repeatedly reports camels being used as beasts of burdens as parts of stories it claims happened during eras that we now know were actually before [Read More...]

Video: Relating Morality To Nietzsche and Psychology

John Shook of Humanist Matters and Christopher Maute of Meeting of the Minds did a combined show last night interviewing Sarah Morehead (who is awesome) from the Recovery From Religion Foundation (which is also awesome) for about 50 minutes. Then they started interviewing me at 55 minutes. In the beginning of my portion, my audio [Read More...]

Since My Deconversion: I Think I’ve Been in Denial About Christian Insincerity.

Yesterday Frank Schaeffer published a post that’s already going viral accusing the moneymakers atop the Evangelical Christian world of not really buying what they’re selling: Let’s be honest. Sure some smart young people who “come to Christ” are deeply sincere. Then life happens to them and they come to see that nothing is quite as [Read More...]

A Short Post About My Long Posts For Short Attention Span Readers

A lot of my posts are long, so I know there are some out there who don’t read the whole posts, either ending early or skimming, or who skip them altogether. I just want to write a (relatively) short post to explain that I totally get that and explain my thinking on the matter. For [Read More...]

Am I Saying All Atheists MUST Argue Against Theists?

I can deal with people telling me I’m wrong and should stop saying what I say on that account. But it irks me a great deal when atheists tell outspoken atheists like me that we’re basically right–but should shut up anyway. So, yesterday I tried to provide a comprehensive reply to such atheists, so that [Read More...]

A Love Song About the Common Cold

This is quite a clever and fun song and video from Aimee Mann. I’ve loved Aimee’s music since she blew me away on the Magnolia soundtrack. I have all her albums except her latest. Much more about the project this song below comes from (and how to purchase it) is here. It’s also nice to [Read More...]

Why I’m Tired of Atheists Who Tell Atheists To Shut Up

Today Richard Dawkins’s website published a mostly thorough pushback piece I wrote about why I am tired of atheists routinely being told by other atheists not that we’re wrong or just that we should be civil, but that we should basically shut up and stop our attacks on theism for one reason or another. Check it [Read More...]

DeWitt and Sandlin on Common Ground Activism, Liberal Christians and Atheists Working Together

Last month Be Secular started “The Common Ground Conversation Series”, which is aimed at helping secularists both religious and atheist find common ground in order to make common cause on behalf of the separation of church and state and other important issues. The inaugural event featured Pentacostal pastor turned atheist Jerry DeWitt, author of Hope after Faith: [Read More...]