An Experimental Philosophy Manifesto

Portions of the book Experimental Philosophy including “An Experimental Philosophy Manifesto” by Joshua Knobe and Shaun Nichols can be read here, and Josh May and Jonathan Ichikawa discuss the manifesto here. Your Thoughts? Read more

Can You Have A Heart Without Having “The Heart of God”?

In reply to my post on whether we need God to care about the poor around the world, Marianne offers this challenge: I have observed that atheists discuss and analyze poverty, but do very little about it. Most of the charities in the world are christian in foundation. You will find very few atheist charities that help the poor. They believe in taxing people to an extreme, and then spending the money in a bureaucratic fashion. But the message is… Read more

Is God Needed For Us To Care About Starving Kids A World Away?

A few weeks ago now, I wrote a post, Commitment To Value Without God, in which I discussed how even when I was a Christian, I realized that I did not need to make reference to God in order to either psychologically recognize the value of sumptuous food or good friendship or any of various causes about which I was passionate.  And similarly I would still be responsive to my conscience. In reply, Chris wrote me.  Chris and I were… Read more

Sundaily Hilarity: Laughing In Tongues

From the always terrific Everything Is Terrible via Jerry Coyne. Read more

A Materialist View Of Transcendence

Greta Christina specifically addresses the meaning of sex from within a materialist’s mindset but her points can extend to more aspects of our experience as well, I think.  The transcendent aspect of sex and of numerous other aspects of our experience can be derived from our meditative realization that we are participating in processes that are our existential conditions and which we share with the rest of the animal kingdom and with our fellow humans as the practices by which… Read more

Silent Partners

A new documentary Silent Partner profiles gay partners of military personnel who have to go back into the closet to protect their partners’ careers in the military: Ben Cartwright has been a passionate advocate for gay rights for 12 years. He is a regular at gay pride marches, has a pod-cast and writes for a gay newspaper in San Diego. The last thing he expected was to have to put a part of himself back into the closet. But if… Read more

Daily Hilarity: Gabriel Iglesias’s “Hot And Fluffy”

Discovered this guy only today, start with this video and keep watching, he’s hilarious: Read more

Naturalism As True By Definition

Jason Streitfeld weighs in on the question of naturalism or supernaturalism, treated by Sean Carroll here, John Pieret here, and Shane and me in these this post and then this one. Streitfeld’s post is excellent so read it in full. Scientists do not rely on any notion of the supernatural to formulate their conception of nature. So why include the word “supernatural” in the definition of “natural?” Also, it is not clear that the world “obeys unambiguous rules.” It is… Read more


I love it—this is the great new name from one of Jerry Coyne’s readers for referring to: those atheists who are nonetheless soft on faith (i.e., atheist accommodationists). the kind of people, like Michael Ruse,  who say, “I am an atheist, but . . .”.   In other words, the folks who, says Daniel Dennett, have “belief in belief.” The word was coined as part of a contest, here were the runners up: Godlycoddlers (by Kitty’sBitch), also winner of the Most… Read more

Female Performance Anxiety?

A week ago we pointed readers to a study that provided evidence women tend to psyche out when they think they are playing chess against men and perform worse than they are capable. Here Laura Woodhouse from shares her own anecdotes about underperforming at tasks when she is around men.   She finds herself suspecting, even without cause, that they are judging her and assuming her performance will not be up to snuff: The crunch, however, is that even… Read more

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