Debunking Deniers of Climate Change

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The Obamas In Ghana In Photos

Jack and Jill Politics has a whole bunch of great photos of the Obamas in Africa.  Check all of them out. Read more


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On The Various Disciplines’ Resources For Engaging The Enduring Questions

Professor Jude Jones has stopped by to offer an excellent retort to my recent remarks in reply to her. Our topic is whether a new NEH call for grant proposals presumes that non-philosophers can address “the enduring questions” usually considered the domain of philosophy better than philosophers have or equal to how we have.  Here is my very first post on the topic if you’d like to start at the beginning but it should not be necessary to understand what… Read more

The Pope’s Left Wing Views And The American Right’s Cognitive Dissonance

jfxgillis picks apart National Review Online (and other right wing) attempts to rationalize away the decidedly left-wing aspects of the Pope’s new encyclical.  The whole article is excellent and worth reading.  Here is his reply to attempts to claim the encyclical is not meant to be political: Pope Benedict says himself it’s a political in part. Glory Be, in the most-quoted passage of the encyclical, Benedict calls for a new global political institution, in effect, a regime of global capital… Read more

Making It Illegal To Create Centaurs, Mermaids, and Spider-Man

Dammit. Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Kan.) — an ardent anti-abortion activist — is worried that the Obama administration’s loosening of restrictions on stem cell research will result in the creation of a new race of bio-engineered “human-animal” hybrid freaks. Or beautiful mermaids. The bill — modeled on an inexplicably overlooked effort by Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal — would ban the creation of “part-human, part-animal creatures, which are created in laboratories, and blur the line between species.” The legislation, he says, “is… Read more

“Should You Try To Cure Gays?”

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Evian Roller Babies

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On The Goals Of Introductory Philosophy Courses

In reply to my previous post on grants offered by the NEH to non-philosopher academics for creating novel classes on “enduring questions,” a philosophy professor writes to me in private: Interesting. I share your general sensibilities on this, but it’s not clear to me that they are being sought “to teach philosophy classes”. They are being sought to teach “old chestnut classes”. That may be because certain chestnutty issues are not really explored in accessible ways in “philosophy” classrooms per… Read more

Dawkins vs. Collins (Obama’s New NIH Selection) has reprinted a 2006 debate between Richard Dawkins and Francis Collins, the prominent (and now powerful) proponent of compatibility between religion and science who has recently been selected by Obama to head up the NIH.  The article has some really interesting moments, so I recommend you read it in full.  Here is what I found to be the most salient exchange, followed by a clip of Dawkins discussing Collins on Bill Maher more recently. TIME: Both your books suggest… Read more

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