“Christopher Walken’s” screen test for Han Solo

A little Star Wars humor to contribute to the celebration of the new era of blogging: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfd_LyVVBVU Read more

Runnin’ Down A Dream

one of my oldest favorite songs from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (TPATH) that unfortunately has become numb to me where I can’t really hear it lately anymore but rather find my mind drifting off by the end. Yet, I still cannot hear the opening riff and not have to slam my air drum stick down for that great first drum hit. And, so, listening to it today I felt like reminding myself and my readers what makes this such… Read more

It Feels Like A Sitcom Spinoff

This blogging thing begins for me shortly following the demise of a website that was a sort of procrastination home to me for over four years. I was among the top ten most frequent posters for much of those four years, which I guess is something of a dubious distinction. So, now, after a long and mostly successful run, “network executives” have canceled the show after disputes between cast members became absolutely corrosive. Most of the cast has reassembled for… Read more


Okay, I have finally decided to use this forum. Thankfully there is good news for my many loyal readers who must be very worried that since I was not writing out ideas for my dissertation here that I wasn’t writing them out at all. The good news is that I have been writing them out but keeping them to myself and to my professors. I know, you’re hurt and shocked and feel like a sacred vow has been broken. You… Read more

Ecce Homo

I’m a philosophy graduate student/teacher developing my dissertation. My natural tendency is to talk all my ideas out before writing—except when I am writing them out informally to people who are reading. So, in order to do the painstaking work of brainstorming and honing my ideas for my dissertation, I am deciding to blog them because it will feel like I’m writing to readers and not simply to myself. Even if there actually are no readers. Well, at least at… Read more

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