Nietzsche on Freedom and Autonomy

An important looking new collection of articles on a crucial topic (especially for my dissertation) called Nietzsche on Freedom and Autonomy is coming out July1.  It is co-edited by Ken Gemes and Simon May (whose book, Nietzsche’s War on Morality is one of the very best, if not the very best, books on Nietzsche’s ethics [Read More...]

Wilco and Feist Perform Live! Plus Amy Millan News!

we at Camels With Hammers couldn’t be happier with the new album’s cover art:

Wilco, The Album Cover [Read more...]

Grove City Professor Throckmorton Attacks Anti-Gay Propaganda

As the school psychologist during all my undergraduate years as at Grove City College, Warren Throckmorton counseled a couple of my friends about their closeted homosexuality. (I also visited Professor Throckmorton while a junior and an Evangelical Christian for probably three elective counseling sessions but for different reasons.  I liked him a lot.)  Here’s how [Read More...]

Recession and Church Going

It turns out that only the evangelicals, but not the overall public, increase church going each recession. ON THE campaign trail, Barack Obama famously claimed that blue-collar workers in Pennsylvania clung to religion because of bitterness over lost jobs. Americans are now truly fearful, as unemployment has mounted and house prices fallen. Yet the theory [Read More...]

Jesus and Hell

From Secular Planet Whenever I hear Jesus referred to as loving or merciful, I wince. While the gospels do contain some benevolent teachings, these are completely overshadowed by Jesus’ recurrent threat of unending torture for anyone who fails to accept his message. One cannot expect praise for preaching love while simultaneously executing divine blackmail. An [Read More...]

Objections To Religious Moderates and Intellectuals (part 4)

our remaining option is to study cognitively what factors are at play in religious participation—community building, personal and communal ritual, moral teaching, literary delight, artistic expression, sensual appeal, deep meditation, metaphysical imagination, historical connection, etc.—and we start systematically reforming the broader culture to meet more of these needs (so the government does not step in and try to exploit them and so that people unmoored from these things do not lose all direction in life or feeling of communal attachment).

In other words, we can figure out how religion uses these various good things to make many happy and virtuous, while figuring out outlets for people to have these benefits without the cost of cultivating their worst intellectual tendencies towards pre-Enligtenment habits of thought and without promoting the nasty streaks of ethical authoritarianism that come with characteristically religious forms of irrationality. [Read more...]

New Spoon EP Coming Tuesday

Great news! The new is EP is called Got Nuffin’ and it releases June 30th.  To celebrate, here’s a great Spoon song! with a cool video made from old educational videos! [Read more...]

“The Curtain Has Been Pulled from the Islamist Wizard”

Andrew Sullivan isolates the essential result of the last two weeks in Iran: it seems totally clear to me that the curtain has been pulled from the Islamist Wizard. Theocratic regimes require some base level of reverence, and watching the old Supreme Leader lose it at Friday prayers a week ago, and the bare-faced martial [Read More...]


Box Turtle Bulletin highlights these stories: The Southern Baptist Convention has ousted Broadway Baptist Church of Fort Worth, Texas over the church’s acceptance of gays. Even though that church had sent their own gay-tolerant pastor packing over a controversy surrounding photos of same-sex couples in the church directory, it appears that what remained still wasn’t anti-gay enough [Read More...]