Steve Trachsel “Can’t Win”

Among pundits looking for a chink in the Mets armor and pessimistic Mets fans looking to preempt disappointment with cynicism there is a popular assumption dominant the last few days that the Mets could lose both games in LA because Trachsel and Oliver Perez are pitching. Trachsel is simply not expected to get the job [Read More...]

Shades of 2002….

Picture it, The Bronx, October 2002. The Yankees had just been to 5 of the previous 6 World Series, winning 4 of them and losing the one the year before only due to an improbable 9th inning rally by the Diamondbacks. They were upgraded at firstbase with a shiny new, recently purchased mercenary in Jason [Read More...]

Will The Tigers Beat The Yankees?

I thought it was a total joke the way the media flipped from writing the Tigers off to declaring them great and mighty and competitive based on just one win in the Bronx on Friday. But wow, then Kenny Rogers made it official that the Tigers deserve some self respect and confidence. But the big [Read More...]

On The A’s Beating the Twins (and the Tigers’ Return To Favored Status)

I should have known better. Every year I usually scoff at the notion that the Twins can dominate a 5 game series behind their one dominant pitcher. I usually say, he will just not be enough. And this year, I really should have been looking at that A’s staff and realizing that beyond a game [Read More...]

A-Rod To Bat 8th!

If ever there was a guage of Joe Torre’s true opinion of you, it’s how he decides to use you in a game where the Yankees can be eliminated. He has a remarkable ability to show no mercy in pulling a pitcher or benching a player, etc. when it is all on the line and [Read More...]


Alright, I have only three minutes, so my first few thoughts—– Delgado—-I told everybody so! I clamored for a year and a half back to the winter of ’04 that he was the most important player for the Mets to acquire. As a long time Blue Jay fan I’m a huge fan of his. Yesterday [Read More...]

Response To Postseason Day One

A’S @ TWINS, CARDINALS @ PADRES Well the A’s and the Cardinals both took charge against their favored opponents on the road yesterday. Interestingly they did so in completely appropriate fashion—-with their aces and the star sluggers that were the big stories of their respective seasons. CARPENTER AND ZITO Chris Carpenter made another case for [Read More...]

Postseason Predictions

NLDS Mets over Dodgers in 5 games. I’m optimistic, but not THAT optimistic. I was proud last night of Gary Cohen calling the Mets in a sweep. Way to be greedy! Seriously, I think the Mets are going to make this one uncomfortably interesting. I do think they are the better team and will prevail [Read More...]

Welcome Bandwagoners!

Unfortunately our Mets are likely to have few bandwagon jumpers this season because the Yankees have not let up on their decade of dominance. So, as much as we are surely experience a return of many fair weather fans, we are unlikely to be grabbing many new fans besides the younger, kid fans—who are probably [Read More...]