Fiery Furnaces

In Nietzsche’s  Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Part II, section 4 (Parkes translation, Oxford 2006)), we read: Zealously and with much shouting they drove their herd over their bridge: as if to the future there were but one bridge! Verily, these herdsmen thesmelves still belonged among the sheep! Little minds and capacious souls these shepherds had: but, my [Read More...]

Nietzsche Doesn’t Post Here

This is not a site for Nietzsche’s ideas but a place for Nietzschean ideas. It is not a place for the dogmatic preaching of Nietzschean ideas. It is not a place where everyone will necessarily agree with Nietzschean ideas. It is a place where Nietzschean ideas will seduce us to many a new venture of thought and promise nothing more definitive than that. [Read more...]

Shortly After My Dissertation Proposal, I Explain It

A month ago my friend Jon asked me questions about my interpretations of Nietzsche and my philosophy in general. I answered his questions for over 45 minutes, if I remember correctly, from which he took these two clips for a total of 13 minutes. I was speaking entirely extemporaneously and wound up with a resultant [Read More...]

Joe Scarborough Is My New Hero

Last night he told off Bill O’Reilly with a freaking passionate speech. This wasn’t one of Olberman’s a little too self important and overly rhetorical “special comments” (right as their substance might usually be.) This was a genuinely thoughtful conservative thinker going after a blowhard narcissistic demagogue!O’Reilly’s been attacking MSNBC for apparently trying to market [Read More...]

Hey Everybody

Sorry to have been posting infrequently. Getting my dissertation proposal complete has been quite distracting. I’m elated to report that it’s done! In two weeks, I defend it. Assuming all goes well, from there I am cleared to write my dissertation with official departmental sanction! I hear these defenses are brutal however. One friend reports [Read More...]

“Lost Episode of Seinfeld”

In light of the recent meltdown and subsequent aftermath by Seinfeld alumn Michael Richards, this “lost episode” was pieced together and posted over at National Lampoon’s…. [Read more...]

Mets and Jays Should Talk Vernon Wells

Alright, I’ll admit right off to the biased preference as a Mets-Jays fan that the Blue Jays that have to leave the Jays wind up in Flushing when they do so. But the simple fact is that Wells is the kind of guy you want to lock up as a long term fixture in your [Read More...]

“What’s In A Name?” or “Room At The Top—”of the Titanic?”

In a recent interview Tom Petty bashed one of my favorite of his albums as reported in the following way… He’s less enamored with 1999′s “Echo,” which opens with the grim “Room at the Top,” “one of the most depressing songs in rock history,” Petty says, grinning. “If anything will make you want to [Read More...]

“I’m Keith Hernandez”

I don’t know exactly what to make of this but I figure it’s curious enough an attempt at satire involving our beloved Keith Hernandez that’s it’s worth posting for your viewing pleasure in hopes of getting your thoughts. I’m not sure it’s as smart as it wants to be or that it’s a terribly fair [Read More...]