Exclusively Read My Systematic Take on the God Debates

Sunday I started writing and posting my essays for my new all-written, online-forum style class on the existence of God, and participating in the forum with the students there. It’s been fantastic so far. I’ve never been one to write out my lectures before speaking them before so this written only forum is allowing me [Read More...]

Jonah Hill’s Apology For Anti-Gay Slur

It’s great to see his firm statement against abusive language as much as his willingness to take full responsibility for what he did wrong. As he says in his apology, words matter, including beyond our intentions with them. I have written several relevant posts about why this isn’t about just an aversion to dirty words, [Read More...]

John Oliver Hilariously Highlights The Need For Net Neutrality

NPR reports that the FCC has been flooded with comments since this. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

The Point of Humanist Chaplains (and other clergy equivalents)

There’s a pretty good article in The Atlantic about the Navy’s recent rejection of Jason Heap’s application to become the U.S. military’s first humanist chaplain. At least the stated reason he was rejected didn’t involve reference to his lack of belief in God. The Navy just said it was “a very competitive process”. The other [Read More...]

Today is the International Day of Doubt–Here’s How You Participate

Last year was the first International Day of Doubt and I was very gratified by participating. I actually had a couple people contact me and I was able to help them. If you’re the kind of atheist who is or can be open about your disbelief, it’s really vital that others who are afraid to [Read More...]

“God Is My Co-Pilot”


By Amazing Super Powers. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Last Chance To Sign Up For My Class On God’s Existence!

Register here. As I announced several weeks ago, I’m going to be teaching a cheap (only $59) class inviting both theists and atheists to look at the best arguments for and against the existence of God with me. The class will not be my usual videoconference format but instead will involve exclusive written lectures from [Read More...]

Empowerment Ethics: “Are Moral Issues Too Subjective To Argue Over?”

The following originally appeared on Secularite as part of my “Empowerment Ethics” series, which now appears on Camels With Hammers. In a couple of previous posts, I have considered four things people mean when they say “morality is just subjective”. In this post, I want to analyze how such statements sometimes serve as attempts to stop contentious confrontations over [Read More...]

#YesAllMen Are Responsible

Last Saturday in California a young man carried out a killing spree that appears to have ended in suicide. He had already promised his rampage in videos on the internet which had already gotten the attention of his therapist, his family, and the police. He also wrote a lengthy manifesto. Between his manifesto, his videos, [Read More...]