A week ago, I had a blast appearing on the No Religion Required podcast. Bobby, Ashley, Jeremiah, and John could not have been any more hospitable hosts. The main topic I got to vent (and vent I did) about was Kim Davis. Then I explained a bit about how my philosophy classes work and what “empowerment ethics” is. You can hear my whole segment for the first hour of the podcast here. Listeners of the show expressed interest in my classes afterwards… Read more

This is a guest post by Lex When I was a Christian teenager, I enjoyed Jaci Velasquez’s music. I bought every album as it came out (and I still put her Christmas album on every December). One song in particular resonated strongly with me, Show you Love. (lyrics available at the bottom of the post) I’m going to break down how three key lines resonated with me. 1. “I get a little anxious when I talk about God’s love” I did get… Read more

After deconverting during my senior year at a conservative evangelical college, I enrolled the next year as a first year philosophy graduate student at a Catholic university. I took university housing and so was assigned my roommates through the graduate school. They were both Catholics. Mike was a medieval studies graduate student and Matthew was a philosophy graduate student focusing on medieval philosophy. The night I arrived, Matthew and I spent several patient hours explaining our philosophical views to each other. To me it felt like… Read more

In the last couple weeks, various atheist bloggers here at Patheos have tackled the topic of whether they would pray with loved ones if requested. I want to write about several aspects of this issue. But just covering the first one I wanted to treat meant a full post. Hopefully I’ll write about the other aspects. What came out first and most passionately for me was my rejection of atheists condescending to and lying to religious people out of a paternalistic sense… Read more

Hi everyone! My summer hiatus from blogging is over! Expect regular new posting on Camels With Hammers to ramp up this weekend! I’ve spent the last four months researching and developing a number of exciting new class sessions to offer students. My interactive online videoconference philosophy classes have been a huge success and kept me extremely busy. And now it’s the fall and even as I return to blogging, my philosophy classes look to still keep me extremely busy as many of the… Read more

A Review of Fortney Road: Life, Death, and Deception in a Christian Cult, by Jeff C. Stevenson Review written by M. Dolon Hickmon  Lately, the Internet has been flooded with revelations of a particular Christian child abuse scandal, perpetrated by an ethically-challenged gang of TV celebrities, who banked a small fortune as de facto spokespersons for a patriarchal and isolationist Christian cult. As shocking as the initial accusations are, responses from the victims’ devout parents, members of their local church,… Read more

Every year at Camels With Hammers on June 13, I put up a post with some of the witty or insightful quotes I want to remember which I came across in the last year. I give you this year’s installment. “Inductive and deductive arguments are okay but I prefer seductive arguments.” Ed Brayton “Human progress has always been a motorboat of bright idealists slowly towing a barge of lethargic bigots.” ~ Bruce S. Springsteen “I used to think the worst thing in life… Read more

Tonight I was delighted to appear on the ORLY Radio Show. People who like to see me rant off the cuff about current events, should check this one out. If you’re relatively new to me and this blog, in the first half hour I answer a lot of introductory questions about myself and the blog. Then at the 27:45 minute mark we get into a couple of fresh topics. I gave an extended discussion of my views on free speech on campus issues… Read more

On June 23, 2015 Camels With Hammers will turn 6 years old. The site’s been viewed several million times in the last three and a half years alone. And when I have had periods of prolific blogging in recent years my traffic has grown so immediately, with an increasing number of posts setting personal records for hits for my substantive writing, that I am very confident this blog can take off to new levels when I can write more prolifically again. And… Read more

Trigger and Spoiler Warning: This post will contain spoilers related to three rape scenes in Game of Thrones (the TV Show) up through the sixth episode of season five. I will also very generally compare the specific scenes and plot points of the A Song of Ice and Fire books related to those television scenes. I will spoil nothing else from the books. When “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken”, Sunday night’s episode of Game of Thrones (Season 5, Episode 6), ended, I had one despairing… Read more

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