Comedian Bill Burr on Why He Left Religion

The whole comedy special “I’m Sorry You Feel That Way” is available on Netflix. Thanks to Paul for the find. Your Thoughts? Comment here. [Read more...]

The True Version of the False: Can Atheists Argue Over the “True” Version of Religion?

My good friend and former regular Camels With Hammers guest poster Kaveh Mousavi of the spectacular ex-Muslim blog On the Margin of Error held a panel called, “The ‘True’ Version of the False: Can Atheists Argue Over the ‘True’ Version of Religion”. I was on the panel with historian and philosopher Richard Carrier, Russell Glasser (of The Atheist Experience), and Alex Gabriel of the [Read More...]

Philosophical Advice About The Friend Zone

In this article I explore the dynamics of the “friend zone” as it is typically described — involving heterosexual relationships where the man feels rejected as a romantic partner by the woman after a period of friendship. That being said, I personally know women and gay people who have experienced the same type of romantic rejection and unrequited love after developing a deep friendship with someone, so a lot of this analysis and advice is equally applicable to women and non-straight people. But I’m going to frame everything assuming a heterosexual narrative and focused on guys who feel “friend-zoned” because that’s where the controversies are typically focused.

This article has four main sections in case you want to read selectively.

The Heterosexual Friend Zoned Nice Guy Narrative
Humanizing Friend-Zoned Nice Guys
What’s Really Going Wrong For Friend-Zoned Nice Guys?
9 Tips For Staying Out of the Friend Zone and Finding Happiness Instead 
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Star Wars Disneyfied

There are hints all throughout the trailer that the new Star Wars will be Disneyfied in some not so subtle ways. This video makes them clear: Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Russell Brand Calls Out Transphobic Responses to Bruce Jenner

The footage of bigoted scrutinization of Bruce Jenner that Russell Brand goes after here is pretty pathetic. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Weird Al and Huey Lewis in a Mind-Warping Meta-Double-Inverse-Parody

This parody of American Psycho with Huey Lewis himself commenting on the film itself precisely where Patrick Bateman commented on Huey Lewis, which also involves “Weird Al”, who also parodied Huey in the ’80s, is some sort of meta-double-inverse-parody that is probably singular, in its own parodic genre. This is the kind of stuff an ambitious young postmodernist [Read More...]

FtBConscience 3 Online Conference Schedule (Including My Appearances) #FtBCon


FtBConscience is an exciting experiment in holding conferences. Taking out all the expense of travel and hotels and all the commitment of having to clear your schedule to attend a conference, Freethought Blogs has been a pioneer in making a high quality atheist/social justice conference available to everyone around the world in real time. Using Google [Read More...]

On Being A Religious Minority in a Secularized Culture

The following is a guest post from Alexandra, an ex-Christian. Neil Carter’s post today made some excellent points about the high costs of leaving your faith – how when your entire life is entwined with your beliefs: your social circles, your relationships, your marriage, and sometimes even your career itself, the cost of even allowing your mind to explore [Read More...]

Men Apologizing For “Having Abortions”

You must see this video from Heroic Media in order to fully comprehend how manipulative, disempowering, and woman-erasing it is: Under the guise of men taking responsibility, in the sense of guilt, they advocate aggressively for men taking responsibility to control the women in their lives. They elide the fact that it is women’s bodies (or, [Read More...]