Lonely Nerd Girls Suffer Too

Laurie Penny answers MIT professor Scott Aaronson’s insistence that his nerdy youth was too painful to be considered one of privilege and that nerds are not the neanderthals abusing women: These are curious times. Gender and privilege and power and technology are changing and changing each other. We’ve also had a major and specific reversal of [Read More...]

Reflections of a Post-Academic Philosopreneur

On January 1 of this year, I wrote a surprisingly widely read post with my reflections as I left academia. In response, Colleen Flaherty from Inside Higher Ed contacted me to do a piece on me. She sent me some preliminary questions and then interviewed me over the phone. Here are the answers I gave to her [Read More...]

2014 Camels With Hammers Monthly “Posts of the Month”

Going month by month, below were the Camels With Hammers posts featuring my original writing from each month that made the biggest splashes throughout the year, as judged by traffic totals. If you missed any, catch up! January 1, 2014: On The End of My Adjunct Teaching Career February 26, 2014: Opposing The Jesus Meme March [Read More...]

Are Religions Unfair to Women?

Yes! Next question! In case you have any doubt, you can watch some religious people make utterly vacuous and evasive attempts to weasel their way around the obvious. You can also find lots of details brought up about how religions denigrate and discriminate against women here too: Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Why a secular safe space is still important to me.

The following was written by guest contributor Amber Adamson. I struggle a lot when it comes to my feelings about friends and loved ones who belong to Abrahamic faiths. When in public, I often downplay this. Most of the time, it’s not an issue. They’re progressive politically, and we can just work around the subject of [Read More...]

Why Would True Believers Want Us To Lie Before God?

Yesterday I reposted an excellent article from Dylan Walker’s Skeptimus Prime blog. In it he explained that the reason he refuses to participate in Christmas prayers or other religious prayers or rituals with family or others is that as an ex-Christian he takes seriously the meaning of prayer. Prayer was a big part of his life [Read More...]

One Atheist’s Christmas Eve Thoughts (Or, Why I Became A Liberal The Night I Left Christianity)

The following was written by guest contributor Peter Mosley. It’s Christmas Eve, 2014, and as I’m sitting here thinking about the powerful meaning Christmas once held for me, my mind has gone back to the night I officially stopped seeing the Nativity Story as nonfiction – a Friday night in early April 2012. I was deeply [Read More...]

Why I won’t join in Christmas prayers or other religious practices


This is a guest post by Dylan Walker, cross-posted from his Skeptimus Prime blog with his permission. Christmas, more than any other time of the year, is full various religious rituals, so the question of how deal with them comes up often. Theists, and even other atheists, often have trouble understanding why I (and many other atheists) won’t [Read More...]

Before I Deconverted: Christmas Became A Christian Holiday To Me

Danny Fincke with a Grover puppet as a child on Christmas, unwittingly foreshadowing his days as a "Grover" at Grove City College.

I don’t have the best memory of childhood, so forgive me if my recollections are a bit scattershot. 1983-1986: My earliest memories of Christmas are of getting presents and eating big meals at big tables with my mom’s big extended family on Christmas Day and I remember Christmas Eves with the Finckes with my many cousins [Read More...]