Last Chance To Sign Up For My Class On God’s Existence!

Register here. As I announced several weeks ago, I’m going to be teaching a cheap (only $59) class inviting both theists and atheists to look at the best arguments for and against the existence of God with me. The class will not be my usual videoconference format but instead will involve exclusive written lectures from [Read More...]

Empowerment Ethics: “Are Moral Issues Too Subjective To Argue Over?”

The following originally appeared on Secularite as part of my “Empowerment Ethics” series, which now appears on Camels With Hammers. In a couple of previous posts, I have considered four things people mean when they say “morality is just subjective”. In this post, I want to analyze how such statements sometimes serve as attempts to stop contentious confrontations over [Read More...]

#YesAllMen Are Responsible

Last Saturday in California a young man carried out a killing spree that appears to have ended in suicide. He had already promised his rampage in videos on the internet which had already gotten the attention of his therapist, his family, and the police. He also wrote a lengthy manifesto. Between his manifesto, his videos, [Read More...]

Secular Coalition’s Lobby Day 2014 and Top 51 Must Read List

So, I just got an e-mail alerting me to two neat things from Secular Coalition For America. The first thing is that they have published a list recommending 51 “must read” sources of news and opinion for the secular community and Camels With Hammers was one of the relative handful of blogs to make the list alongside [Read More...]

“Gratified By Humiliating and Dominating A Helpless Human Being”

The connection between conservative religiosity and greater proneness towards corporal punishment and authoritarian parenting styles in general is well known. But in contemporary American purity culture this can go to uncommon extremes. Michael Pearl’s well-read and oft-recommended book To Train Up A Child essentially teaches parents to aim to crush all willfulness, any hint of [Read More...]

Empowerment Ethics: “Does Everyone Mean Something Different By The Word ‘Good’?”

The following originally appeared on Secularite as part of my “Empowerment Ethics” series, which now appears on Camels With Hammers. One of the interesting forms that moral skepticism takes is this ambiguous question, “Doesn’t everyone mean something different by the word ‘good’?” Or, in its declarative statement form, “There can be no objective meaning of [Read More...]

Should Women Get “Menstrual Leave”?

Thought provoking, had never considered this before and I’m interested in Your Thoughts after you watch the video. Transcript here. Here’s the initial HuffPostLive segment. Here’s the Breitbart article criticized in the video above. Here’s a summary of research on the benefits of paid time off. Here’s a link to Rebecca’s Patreon, where you can support her videos. Your [Read More...]

13:24: A Gripping Thriller About Religiously Justified Child Abuse

This is a guest post by George Waye of the blog Misplaced Grace. This post is a book review of M. Dolon Hickmon’s novel 13:24: A Story of Faith and Obsession. “….Satan’s greatest trick wasn’t making people think he didn’t exist–it was convincing Christians that he couldn’t speak from the pulpit.” This realization, offered as the wisdom [Read More...]

Important Schedule Changes For My Summer Online Classes

Daniel Fincke Online Philosophy Classes

As many readers know by now, I teach online philosophy classes available to the public. The classes are non-matriculated (i.e., there’s no college credit for taking them). They are a chance to get very individualized attention from me. The classes I run on my own, completely independently of any university or program are done using [Read More...]