It’s Wrong To Sexually Exploit People (Even Celebrities)

Jennifer Lawrence

I have to say, I am remarkably proud of the online feminist community for getting such excellent messaging out in response to recent leaks of stolen nude photos of celebrities. It’s about time that the conversation about such sexually violative and exploitative thefts and exposures get talked about for what they are—an unconscionable use of another person’s [Read More...]

Empowerment Ethics: “Can There Be Objective Morality When So Many People Disagree About Morality?”

This installment of my Empowerment Ethics series is deeply indebted to a superb excerpt from David O. Brink’s Moral Realism and the Foundations of Ethics (Cambridge Studies in Philosophy). Pgs. 198-209 of that book were republished in on pgs. 376-382 of Foundations of Ethics: An Anthology, edited by Russ Shafer-Landau and Terence Cuneo and published by Blackwell [Read More...]

Objective Human Flourishing: A First Response To Jerry Coyne About Ethics

I had an amazing time last weekend at the Pennsylvania State Atheists Humanists Conference (affectionately known as PASTAH Con). I spent wonderful time with some old friends I rarely see in person and met some new people I completely loved. And I was blown away by the response to my talk. The enthusiasm and seriousness [Read More...]

Follow Your Arrow

A good friend of mine who is both bisexual and a recent deconvert recently brought this song to my attention and I love it: And she has another song defiant of traditions and expectations. Amidst the generally excellent lyrics is a criticism of the practice of forcing non-believers to go through the motions of religious [Read More...]

Beyond Religion To Philosophy


Since I began teaching interactive online videoconference philosophy classes of my own in January 2013, year round I have offered a popular class called Philosophy for Atheists. That class is meant to give atheists an introduction to philosophy, a history of philosophy, and a counter-apologetics oriented philosophy of religion class all rolled into one. It’s [Read More...]

“You’re Tired Of Hearing About Racism?”

The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook,Daily Show Video Archive John Stewart sums it up: I guarantee you that every person of color in this country has faced an indignity, from the ridiculous, to the grotesque, to the sometimes fatal, at some point in their … I’m gonna say [Read More...]

Discipline, Tradition, and Freedom


Today I am making a guest appearance on my dear friend Kaveh Mousavi’s On the Margin of Error blog. He interviewed me about liberty. He asked 7 questions. Here is my answer to one of them: Kaveh Mousavi: Do you think critical thinking is important for a truly free society or person? Can we be free [Read More...]

Discuss Philosophy of Religion Weekly With Year Without God’s Ryan Bell and Me

Ryan Bell

This fall I am offering a Philosophy of Religion class twice a week. One will be Tuesdays 7pm-9:30pm Eastern Time and the other Saturdays 2pm-4:30pm Eastern Time. I’m very excited to announce that we will be joined for the Saturday class by Ryan Bell, the former minister and seminary instructor who is taking a year putting aside Christian practices [Read More...]

Philosophy of Mind and Language

I’m starting up new online classes for this coming fall semester and when I do so I’m adding several classes I’ve never offered online before. So far the one filling up the fastest (with 7 students) is Philosophy of Mind and Language. No less than six of my previous online students of mine are coming back for this class [Read More...]