My Apology For Losing My Temper On The Faith and Skepticism Podcast

Last night I was a participant in the pre-recording of a podcast (now available to listen to here) called Faith and Skepticism, with a lot of people, the majority being Christians, to talk about the movie God’s Not Dead. And I wound up very livid and shouting a lot. Basically, if you’ve ever been listening at home to your ideological [Read More...]

Empowerment Ethics: “Is Morality Just Culturally Relative?”

This is a new installment of my “Empowerment Ethics” series. Anthropologists, sociologists, historians, social psychologists, and other academics are all very interested in accurately describing different culture’s de facto systems of moral practices and norms. Famously these vary quite a bit. And good science requires not letting one’s own culture’s value judgments compromise one’s ability to accurately [Read More...]

Empowerment Ethics: “Is Morality Just Subjective?”

The following originally appeared on Secularite as part of my “Empowerment Ethics” series, which now appears on Camels With Hammers. Morality is a subject that requires taking an account of both objective and subjective features of our experience. I think ultimately that it is a category error to ask whether morality is en toto objective or subjective. In this [Read More...]

Study the God Debates in Philosophy, Ethics, Gender/Sexuality, or Secularism This Summer Online With Secular Thinkers

This post is about both my independent videoconference philosophy classes and about Secular Leader Online classes from Greta Christina, John Shook, Myron Jackson, Richard Carrier, Julia Hemphill, Sean Faircloth, David Bagget, and me (Dan Fincke). [Read more...]

Empowerment Ethics: “How Can Atheists Condemn Rape Without Theistic Moral Absolutism?”

This blog post is a new installment of my “Empowerment Ethics” series, in which I systematically explain, develop, defend, and apply my distinctive spin on humanist, perfectionist, virtue, consequentialist, ethical system called “Empowerment Ethics”. In response to my most recent repost in this series, about why moralities don’t need to be conceived of in moral absolutist terms in order [Read More...]

Empowerment Ethics: “Can Morality Mean Something Other Than Absolutist Morality?”

The following originally appeared on Secularite as part of my “Empowerment Ethics” series, which now appears on Camels With Hammers. In explaining my Empowerment Ethics so far, I have talked about how my own philosophical thinking about morality did not start by assuming morality was true and valid and legitimately binding and then trying deliberately [Read More...]

When God Or Religion Come Up, Should You First Identify As An Atheist Or A Humanist?

This post is about how atheistic humanists should go about presenting their relationship to religion when asked about it for the first time by different people. In another post, I’ll raise challenging questions of how atheistic humanists should present ourselves collectively in certain public contexts. I am not, in what follows, assuming that all atheists [Read More...]

My Responses To Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s Remarks On Philosophy

Recently Neil DeGrasse Tyson made some controversial comments dismissing the value of philosophy for scientists and explaining why he discourages physics students from studying philosophy. Massimo Pigliucci has the key quotes from Tyson from a couple of sources and makes some terrific points in reply. Today Tom Williamson was kind enough to invite me onto [Read More...]

“Why Do Outspoken Atheists Care So Much About What They Don’t Believe In?”

Outspoken atheists are a minority, even among atheists, and so get goaded a lot–even by atheists. And one way both atheists and theists are hostile to us involves accusing us of wasting our time. Another way is by accusing us of, ironically, being “just like the religious after all!” Supposedly we are unable to be [Read More...]