Meet Me In Pittsburgh on Wednesday! (11/19/14)

If you live in or around Pittsburgh and would like to hang out with me this week, I’m in town! I talked at First Unitarian Church yesterday morning and I’m speaking at Carnegie Mellon today at 5. I’d like to see as many Camels With Hammers readers as I can so I’m going to camp [Read More...]

Ex-Communications: When Apostates Talk Back

I’m thrilled to draw your attention to a new group blog at Patheos Atheism organized around a much needed theme: writings from former believers back to the members of the faith they left explaining their point of view and what matters to them about how they should relate to each other going forward. Sarah Morehead, Neil [Read More...]

Maybe Jesus Just Is Not That Into You.

Ex-Christian Neil Carter has written what I think is an instant classic, all about his decision to “break up with Jesus” because the dude just wasn’t answering his calls and e-mails. He goes over the various explanations friends would give for Jesus’s silence: Some said he heard my messages but didn’t answer because what I [Read More...]

When You Meet Someone

I just saw that the movie Sideways was on TV. I loved the movie when I saw it in the theaters. I think I have the DVD. The film’s always stuck with me though I haven’t seen it in a decade. Below is the key part of the scene that stuck with me the most [Read More...]

Top 10 Reasons I Write Long Blog Posts

1. Fair argumentation means considering multiple sides of an issue. Taking into consideration other people’s views and either arguing against them or incorporating their nuances into my own views makes posts longer. 2. Thoroughness is persuasive. Being able to pack in more arguments into a single piece has a cumulative effect of strengthening each individual [Read More...]

On Traditions, and How I Approached My First Humanist Wedding

On March 2, 2014, I had the honor of performing my first marriage ceremony. There is a relative paucity of resources for self-conscious atheists and humanists eager for help in planning weddings that reflect their values, break with religious forms they conscientiously object to, and yet also feel in keeping enough with existing traditions to feel [Read More...]

The Release of a Newly Recovered Classic Text (Message) From Plato


From the newly released Texts from Jane Eyre: And Other Conversations with Your Favorite Literary Characters by the oft-hilarious Mallory Ortberg. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

My Pennsylvania Atheists/Humanists Talk On Empowerment Ethics

Above is my talk on “Empowerment Ethics” at the Pennslyvania Atheists/Humanists Conference. I was a bit rushed from the start by the 30 minute time limit, which is an extraordinarily small space to try to say anything of substance. But then at 12 minutes in the time keeper erroneously told me I had only 5 [Read More...]

Tegan and Sara on Growing up Gay

I love these two women so much. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Raising (Actual) Humanists

After my contribution to the ongoing discussions on Patheos Atheism about how to introduce religion and atheism to kids, Dale McGowan made an excellent contribution called Raising (Actual) Freethinkers that I each agreed with, learned from, and wanted to differ from. In my first post I primarily framed things as a rejection of the common [Read More...]