A Post-Hurricane Sandy Update

Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by Hurricane Sandy – those who lost their homes and valuables, those suffering through power outages and flooding, most importantly those who lost their lives. Lower Manhattan, where The Christophers’ office is located, is currently without power and public transportation. I’ll try to do some blogging [Read More...]

The Messy Quest for Meaning: How Doubt, Anxiety, Monks and Mayberry Renewed One Man’s Relationship with God


A debilitating anxiety disorder brought on by a rejection of God during his teenage years led Stephen Martin through some rough times as a young adult. In retrospect, however, he sees his problems as a blessing because they forced him to confront his personal issues, his sense of meaninglessness, and his relationship with God. In [Read More...]

Marines in “The Middle” – and Honoring War Veterans in Song


Businesses looking to hire employees who exhibit “selflessness,” “resilience,” “team orientation,” and “reliability” should seriously consider military veterans. That’s what a study by the University of Phoenix Research Institute discovered after polling over 800 corporate managers and executives. I don’t know whether the producers of the ABC sitcom “The Middle” were aware of that study [Read More...]

Leading the Individual Into His Own Maturity: Dietrich Bonhoeffer on True Leadership


Dietrich Bonhoeffer – the Lutheran pastor who was martyred during World War II for working against the Nazis – wrote extensively on topics like Christian theology and effective spiritual practices. In light of his unique perspective witnessing Hitler’s rise, he also addressed the nature of leadership and the seductive lure of power. Though most of [Read More...]