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Denise Bossert

For the worker in the vineyard who needs to lift his eyes up

Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. And sometimes you know that you need to keep the good thing, but the real problem is that you haven’t been clinging to the GREAT thing enough. Such is the way of Catholic authors who have hopped on to the rollercoaster ride of a book’s [Read More...]

Pursued by Truth

Women’s Ordination and Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood”

Taylor Swift's new video "Bad Blood" got me thinking. Men and women do things differently, which is one reason why I am okay with the Church's teaching excluding women from priestly ordination.

Egregious Twaddle

Depressed and Catholic: Learning It’s OK to Live

If you “live with major depression,” you understand what a paradoxical phrase that is. The disease of depression may not ever express itself in completed suicide, or even in attempts, plans, or ideation. But the voice of this disease is anti-life. And it is insidious as hell. Undiagnosed or untreated, we try to silence that [Read More...]

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