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Standing on my Head

Why Hillary Will Win

Readers may have picked up that I am not particularly delighted by the prospect of a Hillary Clinton presidency. No matter how much publicity there is for her record of scandals, incompetence, manipulation and lies, no matter how much publicity there is for her husbands slime ball behavior, abuse of women and louche lifestyle, no [Read More...]

The Anchoress

Toni Morrison’s Vengeful Fantasy Would Not “End” Anything

Somehow this got past me, until I happened to see it on Bristol Palin’s blog. “People keep saying, ‘We need to have a conversation about race’,” Morrison told the Daily Telegraph. “This is the conversation. I want to see a cop shoot a white unarmed teenager in the back.” She added: “And I want to [Read More...]

The Deacon's Bench

Despite resignation, Bishop Finn to ordain priests next month

Details: Despite announcing his resignation a week ago, Bishop Robert W. Finn will preside over the priestly ordinations of seven deacons next month in the Kansas City-St. Joseph Diocese. A diocese spokesman Monday cited a scheduling conflict that prevented the new temporary leader of the diocese, Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann, from ordaining the seven men [Read More...]

Seasons of Grace

Mayberry Revisited: Does God Hate Guns?

Last week,the issue of gun control came to the fore here in southeastern Michigan.   That’s because a local Ann Arbor pastor, Fr. Ed Fride, announced to his congregation that there would be a four-hour Concealed Pistol License (CPL) class at the parish. In a letter to parishioners at Christ the King Catholic Church, Father Fride [Read More...]

Kate O'Hare's Pax Culturati

‘Marvel’s Daredevil’: I Really Like You, But We Need to Talk

In the course of a week, I powered through all 13 episodes of the Netflix Original series “Marvel’s Daredevil,” based on the Marvel Comics character. I seriously enjoyed it, but I do have a few bones to pick about the Catholic content. But first, some background. After seeing the five hours made available for press preview, [Read More...]

Coming Down to Earth

Emily’s Next Question

EMILY: Some people read Jesus’ comment “to turn the other cheek” to mean that people should forgive their oppressors. Others take it to be a sign of revolution and defiance. How do you read the passage?   GRANDPA: You and I have both known people who are exceedingly touchy. If they think you are criticizing [Read More...]

Love Among the Ruins

Marriage + Change = …Divorce? A Look at “The Vow”

The Vow (2012) follows Leo (Channing Tatum) and Paige (Rachel McAdams), a newlywed couple who are involved in a car accident that leaves Paige in a coma.  When she wakes up, Paige has no memory of the last five years of her life—during which she met, fell in love with, and married Leo. Essentially, Paige [Read More...]

...and these Thy gifts

Ddeokguk / Tteokguk / Korean Rice Cake Soup

This soup is one of my go-to Korean dishes that the whole family loves. If you’re gluten-free, look for the rice cakes/ovalettes that are made without wheat. They look like this and usually come vacuum-packaged in the refrigerated section of your Korean or Asian store. There are many ways to make the soup; this is [Read More...]

The Crescat

So far, so good. A diet update …

… I figured the best way to discuss the “diet” thing on my blog, without becoming overly obsessive on the topic, would be to offer weekly roundups at the end of each week. So lets kick this off with some things I’ve learned, some inspirational stories, NSV ( non scale victories), and just some general [Read More...]

The Capstone

Resisting the corporate imperative

Over at Commonweal, Jackson Lears, the Board of Governors Professor of History at Rutgers University, has written an insightful review of the book Excellent Sheep: The Miseducation of the American Elite and the Way to a Meaningful Life, by William Deresiewicz. Deresiewicz, a former member of Yale’s English faculty and a past member of its admissions committee, has [Read More...]

Unbroken: Now Featured in the Patheos Movie Club"