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Catholic and Enjoying It!

If We Oppose Abortion *and* Social Safety Nets

The state, the law, our money were made for man, not man for the state, the law, and our money. 

Elizabeth Duffy

It’s Ok to Dream: A Reflection on Educating Girls and Using One’s Potential

Here’s your life. Do the work. Let it take you where it takes you. Just remain in my love.

The Anchoress

Outwitting the Language Assassins (SYNOD)

It’s hard to overestimate the extent to which the language of Catholicism is suffused with family-talk.

Unequally Yoked

Supporting Parent and Child in Extremis

For the good of mother and child, it should be easier to raise a flag and get help, without being too stigmatized or punished.     

Sticking the Corners

Sinning Bravely: Start Like You Mean to Finish

Christianity requires me to live differently.  I keep running into difficulties with myself when I ignore that fact.

The Crescat

How To Make Prayer Fun and Less Chore Like for Kids

Just pray together. That’s it. Nothing fancy. No crafts required. No thick books full of footnotes and ribbons. 

God and the Machine

The Wonderful Dominican Nuns of Summit

These Dominican nuns have been in this place of peace for almost 100 years, sustaining the Church every day through their prayer and devotion.

Sacred Bodies of Water