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Standing on my Head

Eucharistic Miracles and Protestants?

I’m blogging from Poland, and meant to do a fair bit of writing from this wonderful country, but the schedule of our pilgrimage has been full of faith and fellowship, so the blogging and writing has gotten pushed back. On our departure a week ago we heard about the new Eucharistic miracle at Legnica in [Read More...]

suspended in her jar

catholic women, (un) veiled: new perspectives on an old practice

I still have no desire to veil myself, though I may occasionally sport a fedora, but I do intend in the future to be more respectful to women who find veiling enhances their religious experience, and to be wary about making assumptions about their beliefs or motives. Our religious experience is enriched and deepened when we learn from, instead of judging, one another.

Lisa Duffy: A Million Unheard Souls

6 Keys to Living Sex the Way It Was Meant to Be

There is a billboard in my town that gets a strenuous reaction out of me every time I pass it. It presents an image of a beautiful, voluptuous woman in a tiny black dress that reveals bulging cleavage, every possible curve, and legs up to the dangerous point. The slogan reads: “My little black dress [Read More...]

Faith on the Couch

New Major Study of 160,000 Children Finds Spanking Causes Similar Harm As Abuse.

Children need solid discipline, consistent expectations, and solid structure, but there are many better ways to accomplish these ends than corporal punishment.  A new study examining 50 years of data derived from observations of 16,000 kids finds that spanking (defined as striking a child with an open hand) and abuse are not  substantively different phenomena [Read More...]

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