The Fault Lies Not in ‘Saved by the Bell,’ But in Ourselves

Yesterday, I came across an article about Greg Plageman, an executive producer for the CBS series “Person of Interest” starring Jim Caviezel, Michael Emerson and Taraji P. Henson. The article was about how he got started as a writer, but this is the quote that speaks volumes to me – and should to everyone else [Read More...]

The Unexpected Road to God


Christopher Closeup Podcast – Guest: Emilio Estevez “None of the characters went looking for God, but God found them.” Writer/Director/Producer Emilio Estevez recalled that reaction from a viewer when I interviewed him about his Christopher Award-winning movie, “The Way” (now available on DVD and Blu-ray). It tells the story of Tom (Martin Sheen), an American [Read More...]

Winners of “The Way” – and Another Way to Win


Thanks to everyone who entered our contest to win a DVD copy of the Christopher Award-winning film, “The Way.” I just got back to the office after interviewing writer/director/producer Emilio Estevez (check back tomorrow for the podcast), so I had one of my co-workers pick three winners out of a hat. They are: 1. Linda [Read More...]

The Hubris of Trying to Improve Upon God


“Some things are not ours to tamper with; some things belong to God.” That’s a line from the Season 4 episode of the science fiction TV series, “Fringe,” called “Novation,” but it reflects a theme that’s run throughout the show’s history. Created by “Lost’s” J.J. Abrams, “Fringe” revolves around the FBI’s Fringe science investigation team [Read More...]

What God Cherishes

“The kernel of St. Therese’s teaching is often called ‘the little way,’ meaning that no Christian is too humble or too insignificant to follow it and no thought or action too negligible to infuse with love. In other words, God cherishes not only great actions of love, but also minor childlike ones. No matter what [Read More...]

Win a Free DVD of “The Way”


Though we won’t be announcing the full slate of this year’s Christopher Award winners until some time in March, we are ready to say that the film, “The Way,” directed by Emilio Estevez and starring Martin Sheen, is one of the winners in the Film category this year! To celebrate that, we’ll be giving away [Read More...]

Gaining the World and Losing Your Soul on “Once Upon a Time”


“What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?” is a question Jesus asked 2,000 years ago. It’s a question storytellers have explored for just as long, most recently on the ABC series “Once Upon a Time” in an episode titled “Desperate Souls.” From “Beauty and the Beast” to [Read More...]

Secrets of a Successful Marriage


Since it’s Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to highlight a Christopher News Note called “Secrets of a Successful Marriage.” In case you’re not aware, Christopher News Notes are pamphlets on various spiritual or social issues that we’ve been using to stay in touch with our supporters via direct mail for [Read More...]

“Physical Beauty is Meant to Point Us to Spiritual Beauty”


Christopher Closeup Podcast – Guest: Christopher West Christopher West admits that, when he was in college, he bought into the common belief that sex is just a fun, recreational activity without any inherent purpose. He says, “I had eaten from what I call ‘the fast food gospel of the culture’ which promises us immediate gratification [Read More...]

Let Freedom Ring

In this “Light One Candle” column, The Christophers’ Jerry Costello recalls the struggle for civil rights that Black History Month calls to mind: The civil rights struggle of the 1950s and 1960s is something fresh in my memory, and at times it’s hard to realize that not everyone shares those recollections. The fact is, I [Read More...]

The Coach As Wounded Healer


Christopher Closeup Podcast – Guest: Joe Ehrmann You might think that a former defensive lineman for the Baltimore Colts and Detroit Lions would believe a coach’s job—especially a coach of young people—is to teach them to win games. Joe Ehrmann, however, says, “The greatest crisis in America today is a crisis of masculinity…A coach’s responsibilities [Read More...]

Saving the Part of Yourself That Matters Most

How far would you go to get revenge on someone who hurt a person you loved? That’s the question at the heart of a 2011 episode of the CBS series, “Person of Interest” titled “Cura Te Ipsum,” a Latin saying which translates to “Heal thyself.” In case you’re not familiar with “Person of Interest’s” premise, [Read More...]