The Weird Catholic Sexual Imagination

I find it laughable that people package Catholic sexual mores into the same box as the repressed, bourgeois, puritanical vision of sex that the Sexual Revolutionaries rebelled against not too long ago. The Catholic vision of sex violently rips off the pretty satin bow of “normalcy” that rests uncomfortably on top of that oh-so-confining box, almost like the tightly buttoned clothing of your oh-so-repressed grandma (modest is hottest!). But as Chris West will explain (theatrically so) to you, Catholic sexual morality… Read more

Christ the (Foolish) King

  The gospel reading today for the Solemnity of Christ, King of the Universe called to mind Nietzsche’s critique of the foolishness of Christianity and its Founder: When we hear the ancient bells growling on a Sunday morning we ask ourselves: Is it really possible! This, for a Jew, crucified two thousand years ago, who said he was God’s son?…A god who begets children with a mortal woman; a sage who bids men work no more, have no more courts,… Read more

I’d rather complain than give thanks: My Thanksgiving Dilemma

Those who know me well will understand my struggle on Thanksgiving. I’m a complainer. I “always have something to say,” as my mother often reminds me. And after 25 years of being alive, I’ve resigned myself to accepting that this is who I am, I was born this way. And like Lady Gaga, I’ve come to see that God has not made a mistake in creating me so. While many will juxtapose complaining with gratitude, I’d argue that complaining is… Read more

Jewish and Christian Martyrs: A Shared Bloodline

Today’s reading in the Roman Missal takes us back some 2,100 years to one of the most noteworthy examples of martyrdom in Jewish history. A deuterocanonical text, 2 Maccabees portrays the Maccabean revolt against Greek and Syrian invaders. The theme of martyrdom plays a prominent role in the three Abrahamic faiths, the significance in each varying according differences in history, scripture, and doctrine. In this post, I thought it would be interesting to take a closer look at how the… Read more

Being a Sinner is Inconvenient: The Sebastian/Adonis Dilemma

One of my greatest weaknesses is my clinginess as a friend. I’m the type to start twitching if you’ve failed to respond to my text after 5 minutes. Sometimes I can control myself. I try more and more to chill out about such minor offenses as taking “too long” to respond to my texts. But those attempts don’t usually go very far. Soon enough, I’ll start to unleash a firestorm of rage, demanding that you repent for daring to commit… Read more

Accompanying Youth with SSA: Commodifying Love Part 3

Religion teachers often dread teaching about the topic of sexual morality. It forces us to become the judgmental “enemy,” provided we have not already been dubbed the title. Major props to teachers who teach year-long Theology of the Body courses. God has a special place in heaven reserved for you.  A few weeks ago, I taught a lesson on how sexual complementarity in marriage is an expression of the human person’s thirst for alterity, or “otherness.” One of my students… Read more

Why Romance Doesn’t Satisfy: Commodifying Love Part 2

Perhaps one of the corniest romcoms in all of history is the 1995 film While You Were Sleeping. A soon-to-be spinster played by Sandra Bullock is stuck between the reality of being a single, lonely, cat lady and her fantasy of one day hocking up the courage to ask out her crush whom she sees on a daily basis. If only she could marry him and have her perfect honeymoon in Florence and stop living this sad and lonely excuse… Read more

The Uselessness of Friends: Commodifying Love Part 1

Friday night. The night to live it up. The night when you don’t want to be that guy who has no plans to hang out with anyone and ends up sitting in his bed eating cookies and reading Nietzsche. So as it gets closer and closer to the early evening hours, you send out the same text to about 4 different people, in a desperate attempt to not be “that guy” and to find someone to hang out with. “Sorry… Read more

Authority: The Power of Attraction

Many teachers struggle to figure out how to use their authority in the classroom—including me. I remember walking into the classroom on my first day with the naive conviction that my students would respect me simply because I’m an adult. Perhaps what tempts so many novice teachers to fall into this trap is that they are stuck in a modernistic conception of authority as a claim to power over others, rather than a call to offer oneself in service to… Read more

The Cracks in Postmodernity: An Introductory Post

My first days as an undergrad were filled with a mix of excitement and bewilderment…somewhat like the feeling you get after downing a cheap cocktail mixed at a dorm party. As I learned of new concepts and terminology, and encountered people from all ends of the earth-both geographically and ideologically, my heart throbbed with a burning thirst to discover something new…what exactly? I couldn’t yet identify it…but I intuited that there was “something more”-something that would make life more vibrant,… Read more

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