Three of My Favorite Atheist Myths

A lot of believers accept common myths about non-believers. Now, in one tidy compilation, we have 50 Great Myths about Atheism by Russell Blackford and Udo Schüklenk. A book review of a very good book. Read more


You have 10 minutes to sell a college student on your religion or your atheism. What’s the best way? Read more

Don’t Teach Kids about Heaven

Live every day as though it were your last. Said by many, forgotten in the rush of daily life by many more. Yet, a mindful awareness of the fragility of life is one of the best things you can pass along to your kids. Ah, but wait. The opposite is true, according to a book entitled Heaven for Kids. . . Read more

What You Don’t Yet Know about Death

Reading well-written novels and memoirs can be as pleasurable a way as possible to accustomize yourself to the idea of mortality. . . Read more

Looking for God in All the Wrong Places

Thank god(s) there’s a place for sacrilegious poetry that goes for the brain, heart, and gut (and other places). Read more

Plucky Teen Finds Atheism a Good Fit

A new novel The Outcast Oracle appealingly combines a gentle evolution of the teen girl character’s atheism with a well-plotted tale of how she copes with the religious craziness of her father. Read more

Surely You Don’t Believe You Have Free Will?!

Philosophers, neuroscientists, and atheists tend to agree that free will is just an illusion, but they don’t always agree on what that means for moral responsibility. Shouldn’t we all be running wild? Read more

A Christian Nation Is Only A Novel. For Now.

If a Sarah Palin presidency had resulted from the 2008 election, we’d all be bowing down to her views and her God. Or else . . . Read more

Am I a Monkey? (Guest Post)

Evolution-deniers say you’re not a monkey, as if that’s enough to prove their claims. What if you had to explain evolution to them? Read more

To Be or Not to Be Immortal

Is a world in which we live thousands of years utopian or dystopian? A novel by Zoltan Istvan, The Transhumanist Wager, aims to create a compelling version of the near future, to inspire and warn readers, and to create a dialogue as scientists start perfecting AI, transhuman technology, and the science needed to overcome death. Read more

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