God Is Love—Does that Make any Sense? (2 of 2)

Apologist Peter Kreeft has some odd ideas about God’s love. You think that God is more sage-like than the wisest sage? Think again. Read more

Daniel’s End Times Prediction

Daniel chapter 9 has a prophecy that many Christians say predicted the birth of Jesus. Let’s take a look. Read more

God Is Love—Does That Make Any Sense?

We haven’t picked on Christian apologist Peter Kreeft in a while. Here’s his weird connection between God’s love and the Trinity. Read more

Is God of the Gaps a Valid Atheist Argument?

Christians make a “God of the gaps” error when they say, “Well, if you don’t know what caused that, I do! God did it.” But before we make that charge, we need to address some Christian responses. Read more

Liars for Jesus: Does Daniel Predict the Future?

Daniel is given as strong evidence for the accurate prophecy of the Bible. Did Daniel really predict the succession of empires in Mesopotamia? Or did he cheat? Read more

Christians Who Just Don’t Get It (3 of 3)

Let’s wrap up our critique of the attack of “John the atheist” by looking at one final Christian response. Read more

Is Christian Heaven More Real than any Other?

You’re comfortable with the concepts you’ve grown up with, but that doesn’t mean that there must be good evidence for them. Let’s look at a very unusual kind of heaven to see if the Christian concept is any more sensible. Read more

Christians Who Just Don’t Get It (2 of 3)

Let’s see how Christians interpret the savage attack “John” makes on atheism. How can they get things so wrong? Read more

Christians Who Just Don’t Get It

I enjoy reading articles of the “atheists who blow the cover on atheism” variety. Here’s another. Read more

What Good Is Philosophy? (2 of 2)

Let’s conclude our critique of philosophy’s role and look at philosophy’s positive contributions. Read more

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