Let’s wrap up an analysis of a Christian rejection of the Problem of Evil and label an all-too-common Christian fallacy: the Hypothetical God Fallacy. Read more

More reasons we don’t live in a world with a god: because God’s existence is not obvious. Read more

More reasons we don’t live in a world with a god: because of Shermer’s Law + because Christianity evolves. Read more

Let’s use a Christian response to the Problem of Evil to illustrate a common frustration. Christian apologetic arguments just aren’t that great. Read more

What’s impossible about following Jesus’s rules? Sure, they’re strict, but we only have to follow them for a year or two . . . right? Read more

The Euthyphro dilemma (where does morality come from?) is a venerable problem for the Christian apologist. God doesn’t come out looking good. Read more

More reasons: because doctrinal statements exist + prayer doesn’t work. Read more

More reasons: because Christian arguments are usually deist arguments + the Bible can’t get its own story straight. Read more

A Christian apologist looks to the New Testament to try to reclaim God’s moral mandate on the issue of slavery. Read more

What is women’s role in religion? How does it affect them, and how does it coerce them to indoctrinate their children? These are some of the issues explored in a new book about how women are treated in the three Abrahamic faiths of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. Read more

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