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Hello?  Test, test….  Hey, is this thing on?

After several years posting at other discussion forums, I’d like to focus my creative efforts on this blog.  I want to take a broad look at the arguments for and against Christianity as well as look at Christianity’s place in society.  I’d like to create a civil but energetic critique of Christianity from an atheist viewpoint.

I’m interested in what you think!  Please add your comments.  Any suggestions for new topics—things about Christianity or atheism that bug you or questions you have—would also be much appreciated.

I’m also interested in any comments you have about the name and tagline for the blog.  I went through a lot of them, looking for the right balance between politeness and frankness, and I’d like to hear any suggestions for improvement.  For your amusement, here are some taglines that didn’t make it.

  • Don’t Accept Christianity on Faith
  • Prodding the Thinking Christian
  • Clear Thinking about Christianity
  • If God Wanted Mindless Faith, Then Why Did He Give You a Mind?
  • A Rational Critique of Christianity
  • Using Reason to Critique Christianity

Let the thinking begin!


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  • Jacob Carlsen

    Hey I am curious on how you came to the conclusion that atheism is true. Can you please clarify that.

    • This whole blog gives the reasons, but in short, atheism is the default. Science gives us plenty of natural explanations, and we see supernatural explanations being superseded by natural ones, not the other way around. Religion doesn’t prove its case; therefore, we must remain with at the starting point, that there is no supernatural.

  • Matthew Rivenwood

    Hello, I’m intrigued as to why you’ve dedicated your time into discussing about Christianity. May you please explain your motivation to me? To be honest I wouldn’t understand why a man, who doesn’t believe in unicorns, would insist on explaining why unicorns don’t exist to someone who believes otherwise.

    • It’s the same motivation as anyone who sees a problem in society and spends time to correct it. Obviously, I realize that my contribution will be quite small, but I think I’m fighting the good fight.

      If your view of Christianity is that its effects are 100% good within society, let me know and we can discuss further.

    • MNb

      We western atheists happen to live in countries which haven been thoroughly and for hundreds of years been influenced by christianity. Even if our societies are secular christianity in many ways is still the default. Thanks for giving me an excuse for bringing this example up:

      This muslim politician was forbidden to take his oath on Allah. Because “the rules only allow ‘Zo waarlijk helpe mij God almachtig’.” – “Thus truly help me God almighty”.
      The major Van Aartsen calls himself a liberal and is co-founder of