A National Registry of Atheists? Y’know–Like Sex Offenders.

The Thinking Atheist has created a very polished rebuttal to this proposal from a pastor.

Yeah…he’s a nobody, but Florida “pastor” Michael Stahl has provided a great excuse to remind others just how many atheists and free-thinkers affect our lives and cultures every day. Stahl has suggested that known atheists be categorized on a list he called “The Christian National Registry of Atheists.” Imagine what kind of names, past and present, such a list would provide.

Another resource is W.A. Smith’s Who’s Who in Hell (2000), a 5 pound, 9 ounce tome listing humanists, freethinkers, naturalists, rationalists, and non-theists throughout history.

My only concern is that Stahl might well respond that these intellectuals and changemakers are indeed who he’d like to see marginalized!

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