Humor: Does God Exist?

With a panel that is “a veritable smorgasbord of cleverness that the world is rightly too respectful to eat,” the talk show “Big Talk” tries to resolve the big question “Does God Exist?”  (from the BBC’s That Mitchell and Webb Look).

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  • RandomFunction2

    Hi Bob,

    I feel cheap. I don’t understand what the shouting guy tries to say… I told you I was not fluent in English.

    • Bob Seidensticker

      A challenge even for us Americans! Fast talking and a British accent don’t help.

      (“Boffin” means “really smart guy,” I believe, in case that helps.)

  • Karl Udy

    “a panel of brainsperts and mentalissimos” I can’t blame someone for not getting it when there are made-up words in there.

  • arkenaten

    Hilarious! Living in South Africa I sometimes miss this British humour.
    Thanks for posting.

    • Bob Seidensticker

      Glad you liked it! Have you seen the “I will survive” video in this post? Pretty funny.

  • arkenaten

    Oh, PS. Did you notice the opening piece of music is the same as that from Life of Brian?