Humor (or not): God’s Plan

How can God exist with this response to the problem of evil?

Photo credit: TheAtheistPig

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  • Steve Gray

    Christianity: The theory that God killed God (in his nonexistent humanoid form) to pay off a debt owed to God by the humans he created. Barking mad!

  • Steve Gray

    Believers: note that there is no coherent description of Heaven, unless you buy into the childish fantasy of streets paved with gold, etc., so if you are expecting something specific when you die, you are buying a pig in a poke. You are buying a house that you have never seen and that may not exist. You are agreeing to marry someone you have never met and know nothing about. If you applied the same thinking to your religion that you use in other areas of your life, you would scrap your beliefs immediately. Try to think like an adult.

    • Greg G.

      Hi Steve,

      I had a similar exchange about heaven under a more recent article. The Christian explained that heaven was described in metaphor because it was indescribable in human terms. I questioned why an omnipotence can’t communicate effectively and how he would know whether the metaphor was understatement or exaggeration.

      • Steve Gray

        Obviously a lame excuse. God as an lousy communicator explains why there are hundreds of interpretations of the Bible. But biblidrunks say that God works in mysterious ways, etc. blah blah which serves to excuse him for his gross incompetence.