Street Preacher Cage Match

The public Christmas tree lighting in Seattle is the day after Thanksgiving. I attended five years ago, and surprised to see a number of people carrying big signs with Christian messages. One said: “Thanksgiving is thanking God he hasn’t killed you yet.”

Ah, what a loving deity. That’s the religion I want to join!

I got into the street sign morass myself a few years ago. I’d seen Christian sign carriers on street corners in Seattle, and I thought it’d be interesting to make an atheist rebuttal. I didn’t want to get into a shouting match, and I didn’t want to be there without them being there as well. But it would be nice to have a polite atheist out there occasionally to give another viewpoint.

I found some great quotes and made a simple banner. With some help from the very talented Kyle Hepworth, it looked pretty good:

I made this into a 3’×5′ vinyl sign and built a frame made of small plastic pipes (side 2 is here). As I sketched out my plans to some atheist friends, I was surprised that some weren’t on board with the project. They thought it was too hostile, too in-your-face. With that thought in mind, I was concerned as I set up for my first day of being in public, but that worry vanished when I saw the sign that the Christians brought that day.

It has flames at the bottom with the text, “Repent or Else.”

In the battle for being offensive, it’s no contest. I throw in the towel.

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