The Cross Examined Podcast!

In the hopes of reaching a wider audience, I’m now recording my blog posts as a podcast.

If you listen to the Skeptoid podcast, you’ll find a lot of similarities. I’ve been inspired by Brian Dunning’s minimalist style.

The podcast content is identical to the blog, just delayed by a week or so. If, like me, you like to listen to interesting or provocative information while doing something else, this might be the right medium for you. Do you have friends who prefer podcasts to blogs? Let them know!

Expect three podcasts per week of 5–10 minutes each.

A Little Help, Please?

If you use iTunes and want to support the podcast, help me get it off the ground with some positive ratings. First click on the iTunes button below:

Cross Examined

At the iTunes page, click on the blue “View in iTunes” button just below the artwork. That will bring up the iTunes app on your computer, where you can click on “Ratings and Reviews.”

(If a rating of 4 or 5 stars isn’t what you had in mind, then forget I said anything!)

This podcast thing is new to me, so if you can think of any suggestions to making the podcast better, please let me know. Are there any podcast directories that I should register with? Any way to improve the appearance or spread the word?


You have your way.
I have my way.
As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way,
it does not exist. 
— Friedrich Nietzsche

(Need the RSS feed address? Here it is.)

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