Interview an Atheist at Church Day, May 5

I enjoy talking with Christians about what they believe and why. For example, I spent two weeks in Strasbourg at John Warwick Montgomery’s International Academy of Apologetics, Evangelism, and Human Rights two years ago. I attended the inhabit conference this weekend. I’ve participated in the Alpha Course four times. I like to engage with the people on the street corner carrying the “Repent or Else” signs. It’s Christians who I’m most eager to connect with through this blog.

Someone else shares my interest and is trying to formalize the process. Kile Jones is organizing “Interview an Atheist at Church” day, planned for May 5. The Friendly Atheist blog gave it a boost with a recent post.

Kile hooked me up with the pastor of a small local church, and I’m looking forward to engaging with that congregation. A church of any significant size likely has atheists in the pews who aren’t able to come out, so this is a chance for them to better understand their own members, as well as non-Christians.

Are you part of a church in the greater Seattle area who’d like to participate? Contact Kile or me. If May 5 doesn’t work out, that’s not a problem. Not even close to Seattle? Atheists and churches can connect through Kile.

Photo credit: Friendly Atheist blog

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