Post #333!

We’re at post number 333, halfway between downtown and the number of the beast (which, for some readers, is an appropriate number for this blog). Pretty soon we’ll be neighbors. It’s time to celebrate!

I started this blog close to two years ago, and I’ve been at Patheos for almost a year. The blog has had over a third of a million page views and over 17,000 comments. This would be a lonely process except for you. You make it worthwhile. Thanks!

Though I hesitate to risk losing you to better blogs, you really ought to check out the other atheist bloggers at Patheos. It’s an impressive community, and I’m honored to be included among them.

And hey, while we’re chatting, have you recommended this blog to friends and acquaintances who enjoy digging into the arguments behind Christianity? Readers are the hydrazine that keeps this rocket going.

I’ll now complete my shameless self-promotion by encouraging you to consider my book Cross Examined: An Unconventional Spiritual Journey. Have you bought a copy lately? If not, please do so and encourage your friends as well. Dr. Robert Price has given it a favorable review.

Cross Examined is the only novel I know of in which apologetics—the intellectual arguments for and against Christianity—takes on the importance of another character. The book challenges the popular arguments for Christianity and invites the reader to shore them up … or discard them. Take the journey and see where it leads you.

And finally, a bit of news. I’m halfway through another book project, a novella this time. If the Muses smile on me, it’ll be available for Christmas.

Thanks again for your support, everyone, and I hope you stick around for hundreds more posts!

Beware 668,
the neighbor of the Beast.

Photo credit: Steve Babb

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  • Greg G.

    333 is the number of Eric the Half-Beast.

    • Norm Donnan

      Do l detect a Monty Python fan? Well lm off to get my albatross…..with wafers

      • Greg G.

        Who would of thought thirty years ago today, that we would be sitting here drinking tea and chatting on the internet.

        • Norm Donnan

          Ay we ad it tuff wen l woz a lad,our dad wud thrash us ta sleep wit belt….if we were lucky

  • Norm Donnan

    Thanks for taking the time Bob,I for one will be encouraging my friends to follow your blog.Oh great l hear you say,lol

    • My goal is to connect with open-minded Christians comfortable enough with the ideas to engage with what I’m talking about. It’s great that you’re reading and responding to my posts. I can’t ask for anything more. Thanks for spreading the word with your friends.

  • ImRike

    I am telling everybody I know about your blog – AND about your book! I’ve read it twice now and I highly recommend it.