Bloggers: Want a Free Review Copy of My New Book?

(Update: I don’t need any more reviewers for Christmas 2013!)

My new book will be released on November 25, but I’d like to get review copies to bloggers, journalists, or anyone else who might be able to give the book a good word.

A Modern Christmas Carol is an homage to the Dickens classic in which a modern televangelist gets the Scrooge treatment. He’s visited first by his long-dead partner, and then three ghostly guides. During his journey, he’s forced to question his faith and witness the impact of his uncompromising message on viewers. Back home on Christmas Day, he makes amends with far-reaching consequences.

Many Christians and atheists might enjoy seeing a televangelist get his comeuppance, but the book is more than that. There is a challenge here that will attract thoughtful readers who enjoyed the intellectual workout of books such as C. S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity or Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion.

It’s a novella like the original, so it’s a quick read. Though it’s not quite Christmas season, I wanted to give any reviewers time to read it.

Are you interested in Christianity’s role in society or in the debate between Christians and atheists? Would you be able to read the book and write a review? Is so, I want to mail you a free copy. I’m hoping to get any reviews published around Thanksgiving. Short blurbs (in which I could acknowledge and link to your blog or book) would also be very welcome.

If you’re not able to publish a review, I’d appreciate your passing this link along to someone who could. Can you think of anyone with a blog, a newspaper column, or similar standing who might be interested? The offer of a free review copy extends to them as well.


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  • Itarion

    I’m certainly interested, but I think that Christmas season shouldn’t really begin until after Thanksgiving. That said, the 25 of November is not too far off, as I expect that Christmas sale advertisements will be beginning in 3… 2… 1…

    [Edit: I’ve decided to claim it. First.]

    • This is the marketing phase, where I’m trying to get reviews and quotable bits from people with platforms (blogs, podcasts, newspaper columns, prior books, and so on). I’m afraid I must limit the freebies to those. But thanks for your interest!

  • MNb

    “released on …”
    Then I fortunately still have some time left. At the moment I’m busy with the timetable of my school, but in the weekend I hope I have some time. Be assured I haven’t forgotten!

  • GregPeterson

    I just bought a copy from Amazon, Bob. Your last book was accomplished enough thtat it doesn’t seem like a risk, and I’m a top 1000 reviewer for Amazon (and am part of their Vine review program), so hopefully if I am able to–as I anticipate–give it a good review, that will be of some use to you. Seems like an interesting premise, and we know the basic formula is highly successful, so…good luck!