Book Review of “Cross Examined”

Ed Suominen, author with Robert M. Price of Evolving Out of Eden: Christian Responses to Evolution, recently wrote a nice review of my Cross Examined: An Unconventional Spiritual Journey, which he titled “Dismantling Design with Fact and Fiction.”

He illustrated the post with his own photos of San Francisco, which brings to mind the setting and inciting incident of the book, the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.

Not only does Ed’s book give a great analysis of evolution from a Christian viewpoint, but I was delighted to find a bit of my own book quoted in it (page 201 in Evolving out of Eden, where Jim critiques Paley’s watch argument).

Ed concludes his review, “It’s fiction with focus, and well done. Highly recommended.”

You can find Cross Examined on Amazon as paperback or e-book, or read more about my books here.

A fascinating novel of ideas …
puts a whole new light on apologetics.
— Dr. Robert M. Price, about Cross Examined

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