Book Review of “Cross Examined”

Ed Suominen, author with Robert M. Price of Evolving Out of Eden: Christian Responses to Evolution, recently wrote a nice review of my Cross Examined: An Unconventional Spiritual Journey, which he titled “Dismantling Design with Fact and Fiction.”

He illustrated the post with his own photos of San Francisco, which brings to mind the setting and inciting incident of the book, the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.

Not only does Ed’s book give a great analysis of evolution from a Christian viewpoint, but I was delighted to find a bit of my own book quoted in it (page 201 in Evolving out of Eden, where Jim critiques Paley’s watch argument).

Ed concludes his review, “It’s fiction with focus, and well done. Highly recommended.”

You can find Cross Examined on Amazon as paperback or e-book, or read more about my books here.

A fascinating novel of ideas …
puts a whole new light on apologetics.
— Dr. Robert M. Price, about Cross Examined

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  • David Chumney

    Bob, commented on the book review site and will do so here: Great review of a really great book. Hope you’re working on another book of this genre. Using fiction as a teaching tool is an excellent way to help people understand important matters. Keep up the good work!

    • Much appreciated! I have two books that used fiction as a vehicle to explore apologetics. With so many blog posts done, I’m thinking now of collecting that material, sifting through to find the best arguments on both sides of the issue, and writing a nonfiction book.

      My challenge: how to separate my book from the pack.

      Thanks again for the kinds words.

  • ImRike

    I’ve mentioned it before, and again here: loved your book!

  • wtfwjtd

    Bob’s book is historically well-researched, and is a great read. I use it as my “apologetics
    manual”, it’s very informative on this subject in an easy-to-read format. I highly recommend it!

  • Philmonomer

    I read this book last year and thought it was great. I’d highly recommend it.

    It also forms an interesting contrast with the book “Clear Winter Nights” by Trevin Wax–another book I read last year. Wax doesn’t even really try to tell a story, though. His book is just “theology in fiction form” (as he himself would say). Wax is a Christian–and his book is for Christians. I cannot imagine it would be convincing to anyone else.

  • MNb

    Totally off-topic: if any christian fool (including WLC) ever brings up the Cosmological Argument here refer him/her to this. Sean Carroll, as we should expect, perfectly debunks it.

    • I have that one printed out to read.

      Have you seen the video? I’m planning on watching when it’s available.

      I’m totally mystified at a non-physicist debating physics with a physicist. And yet WLC gets away with it within his little community.

      • MNb

        No, I’m a reader, not a listener.

        “I’m totally mystified at a non-physicist debating physics with a physicist.”
        At least it’s consistent and courageous. No matter what Edward Feser and others say, the Cosmological Argument makes some claims that belong to the domain of physics. Now you know where my statement “when science conflicts with philosophy and/or religion ….” comes from.
        Of course WLC could have avoided the disaster if he had consulted Wikipedia on Quantum Mechanics and a few online sources on the various Big Bang models floating around in circles of physicists.

        “And yet WLC gets away with it within his little community.”
        Never underestimate human capability to delude him/herself. Alas that also applies to you and me (the best example regarding myself is so embarrassing I’m not going to put it on internet anywhere anytime).

  • Retro272

    Glad to see your book is doing well Bob! Also glad to see your blog is getting such a terrific response.

    What’s this? ANOTHER BOOK! Damn, now I’m going to have to buy it and read it too.

    Keep up the great work Bob!