“God’s Not Dead” Fans: Be the Christian Hero Yourself

God’s Not Dead Atheism PhilosophyChristians, if you thought the atheist philosophy professor played by Kevin Sorbo in the movie “God’s Not Dead” (my review here) was scary, have you wondered what the real thing would be like? Why not find out? I dare you.

More precisely, a real atheist philosophy professor dares you. Fellow Patheos blogger Dr. Daniel Fincke (“Camels With Hammers”) is an ex-Christian with 11 years of experience as a college philosophy professor, and he is planning two online summer classes, “God’s Not Dead? How an Unscripted Philosopher can Disprove God” and “Debating the Existence of God.” My guess is that Daniel is way less obnoxious than the guy in the movie, but this won’t be Hollywood. He will be doing this for real.

If you are intrigued by apologetics and philosophy and want to be Christian hero Josh Wheaton with the training wheels off, give it a try. I dare you.

My challenge

While we’re chatting, let me remind you of my own challenge. Christian conferences often try to train attendees how to deal with atheist arguments. Problem is, the “arguments” are presented by Christians. I can’t count the number of podcasts I’ve heard and blog posts I’ve read that attempt to present an atheist argument, and the argument is tragically weak. When you meet me on the street, that’s not what you’re going to have to contend with.

You want to hear real atheist arguments? Invite an atheist to your conference; they’ll be happy to share them. Invite me, and I’ll do it for free.

Send your conference organizer this link: “Christians: Why You Need an Atheist Speaker at Your Next Conference.”


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