Even squinting, you can’t see anything special in this toast. Read more

Televangelist TV is one long infomercial that always ends with a direct appeal in two parts: (1) please pray for us and (2) please send lots of cash. But why bother with the request for money? Who cares about donations when you can get help from the creator of the universe? Read more

Lee Strobel imagines that he takes a tough journalistic attitude to the Christian message and that evidence shows it to be correct. But a little investigation shows that his case is flimsy. Read more

Stephen Hawking inspired an excellent and approachable video that explains the Big Bang and why Science has no need for a Creator. Read more

I attended a local Creationism conference and made it out to tell the tale (part 2 of 2). Read more

Defending an invisible God and celebrating faith is exactly what Christians would do if their religion were manmade. Faith is always the last resort. If there were convincing evidence, Christians would be celebrating that, not faith. Read more

Is it reasonable for politicians to question science? A defense falls short. Read more

I can believe that you used to be an atheist. It’s the “just like you” part that I’m having a problem with. If you’d been just like me, you wouldn’t make apologetic arguments to which I have an immediate rebuttal. Read more

I attended a local Creationism conference and made it out to tell the tale (part 1 of 2). Read more

An online Christian ministry has a long argument against homosexuality and same-sex marriage that needs dismantling. Read more

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