If Sports Fandom Is Just a Cultural Trait, Why Isn’t Religion?

Religion and sports both have important dates throughout the calendar. They both have sacred designs and special clothes. They both have revered spaces. Superstition in sports is like supernatural belief in religion. They both create an “us” and a “them.” How far can we take this comparison? Read more

10 Reasons to Not Believe Christianity Until You Believe in Aliens

The Christian accepts the claims of the gospels. Contrast this with another claim: that aliens have visited the earth. Since that claim beats the Jesus story on every point, who could believe Christianity before aliens? Read more

Response To an Angry Christian (2 of 2)

Let’s wrap up our analysis of a Catholic blogger’s rant against atheism. He gives us three more arguments with which he’s not impressed. Curiously, neither am I. Read more

Yeah, but Christianity Built Universities and Hospitals!

What has Christianity done for society? Christians will quickly respond that they were pioneers in building universities and hospitals. Let’s look behind that claim to see if it stands up. Read more

Response To an Angry Christian

A Catholic blogger claims to have distilled atheists’ arguments down to just two. And he’s not impressed. Read more

The Bible: a Pro-Slavery Free-For-All!

That God allows slavery in the Old Testament is one of the stickier issues Christian apologists deal with, but instead of dealing with it honestly, some want to ignore the difficult parts. Take a look at what they don’t want you to know. Read more

Guest Post: Still Waiting for Jesus

A former Evangelical explains how understanding the apocalyptic claims of Jesus toppled his faith. Read more

William Lane Craig Misrepresents Christianity and Insults Islam (2 of 2)

In part 1, we considered William Lane Craig’s childishly flawed defense of the Trinity. Now let’s see if he can support his claim that the moral character of the Christian god beats that of the Muslim god. Read more

William Lane Craig Misrepresents Christianity and Insults Islam

William Lane Craig compares Christianity against Islam and argues that the Trinitarian Christian god is better, but his theological errors would earn him an F if this were a freshman paper. Read more

Biblical Polytheism

Have you come across enigmatic verses where God seems to be one of many? The Old Testament is full of them. Let’s take a look and see the transition from polytheism to monotheism. Read more

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