Video From 5/20/15 Debate at WWU

Here’s the video from the recent debate, “Does God Exist?” [Read more…]

Theology, the Queen Clown of Sciences (Plus the Argument From Dullness)

Hey, lighten up, atheists! The correctness of religious worldview claims is overrated. Stop taking things so darn seriously. [Read more…]

Getting off Mount Atheism

Here’s an interesting analogy that gives a new perspective on different worldviews and how we move from one to another. Can atheists get off Mount Atheism? [Read more…]

Debate Results!

I participated in a two-against-two debate last night. My partner was Valerie Tarico (Seattle blogger and author), and our opponents were two Catholic professors. [Read more…]

Celebrate Harold Camping Day, the Day to Remember Our Favorite Doomsday Prophet!

Tomorrow is Harold Camping Day. Let’s remember why Brother Harold is so special. [Read more…]

Christians Move the Goalposts When They Can’t Win Honestly

About the puzzling questions at the limits of science, Christians often say, “If you can’t answer them, we can!” For the old questions (such as “What causes disease?” or “What causes drought?”) this claim is now laughable. Why is Christianity’s claim to answer the new questions any less so? [Read more…]

Upcoming Debate: Does God Exist?

I will soon participate in a tag-team debate on the question, “Does God Exist?” If you’re in the Seattle area on May 20, consider watching the fireworks. [Read more…]

The Future of Christianity and Atheism

A new study makes surprising predictions about how Christianity will change. There are enough clues here to anticipate how secularization in America will foreshadow the same trend worldwide. [Read more…]

Christianity Becomes an African Religion, Islam Overtakes Christianity, and Other Upcoming Changes

An important new study makes surprising predictions about how Christianity will change in the next few decades. Take a look at the future of worldwide Christianity and atheism. [Read more…]

Christian Book of the Year? A Diet Book.

Is Rick Warren’s latest bestseller about love and giving? Or is it all about making money? [Read more…]