The Christian church is conservative. That’s not surprising. But doesn’t the church claim to have the one correct worldview? Shouldn’t it be progressive, not conservative, leading the charge for social change and improvement? Read more

Christian apologists like to argue that the Bible is so much more reliable than other ancient books. But let’s see how they respond to a challenge that illustrates how weak their claim of accuracy is. Read more

The Bible makes clear what God thinks of genocide. Apologist William Lane Craig attempts a rearguard action, but his defense of God is pretty weak. Read more

How un-embarrassable is John Hagee? He blusters for several years about that whole “blood moons” thing, and his flock dutifully sends in their money. With that “prophecy” lying in ruins, he wants to neglect any responsibility and change the subject to something new. Read more

Consider the simple invention that kicked off the Industrial Revolution. The aeolipile (see image) could’ve triggered it in the Roman Empire centuries earlier, but Roman society didn’t provide a supportive environment. That should’ve changed when Christianity took control, but it didn’t. Why? Read more

We’re told, “The atheist borrows from the Christian worldview!” But dig into this claim, and you’ll see there’s nothing there. Here’s a parable that illustrates the issue. Read more

Think about how Christians treat God. He can do no wrong. He gets no blame, even though he’s supposed to be in charge. Isn’t that how we treat babies? Read more

The video for my recent debate is now available. I’ll summarize the arguments on both sides and give a few thoughts on debate strategy. Read more

Let’s critique the sequel to the popular “God’s Not Dead” movie. If you’re a Christian and want to hear that the sky is falling, this one is for you. Read more

We’re nearing the anniversary of the Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage across the United States. It’s time to revisit one of the predictions of disaster that would come from such a society. Read more

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