Why Does the Bible Have No Recipe for Soap?

Soap wasn’t known to the ancients, but it’s not hard to make. Why do we find no recipe for it in the Bible? Is “God has his reasons” enough, or does this say something about the truth of the Bible? Read more

Five Christian Principles Used to Give the Bible a Pass (2 of 2)

Bold claims are made about the Bible, that it has no contradictions, and that it’s both infallible and inerrant. Analyzing the Bible gets a whole lot easier when you can just declare your conclusion before you start. Read more

Five Christian Principles Used to Give the Bible a Pass

“Hold on now, that’s a difficult verse! We have to take it slow.” You’ve heard this excuse. Let’s look at five principles Christians use for the Bible that they wouldn’t use for any other book. Read more

Christians’ Damning Refuge in “Difficult Verses”

Have you ever discussed some unpleasantness in the Bible only to hear that we need to “let the clearer passages interpret the difficult ones” or “let the Bible clarify the Bible”? What’s to clarify? Don’t label parts of the Bible “clear” and “difficult” when you really mean “pleasing” and “displeasing”! Read more

Does Secularism Have a Debt to Christianity?

A popular article argues that all of us—atheists, too—owe a great debt to Christianity. It grounds the stable Western society that we take for granted. Or does it? Read more

The Election-Year Issue No One Is Talking About

The economy, terrorism, gun control, health care—Americans have a lot on their minds in this election year. But here’s a sleeping issue that should be on the agenda. Read more

Yeah, but Christianity Built Universities and Hospitals! (2 of 2)

What has Christianity done for society? We’ve recently explored the claims that Christianity was behind the modern university. Let’s move on to the similar claim about modern hospitals. Read more

An Honest Way for Christians to Separate Fact From Fiction

Imagine throwing your Net of Truth into the water. You want to pull up truth and nothing but the truth. What rules does the Net use to winnow fact from fiction? Read more

The US Constitution Founded on the Bible? Guess Again.

The U.S. Constitution is secular, which provides protection to both atheists and believers, but this trait is under attack by Christian revisionists. Take a look at what they think are parallels between the Constitution and the Bible. Read more

If Sports Fandom Is Just a Cultural Trait, Why Isn’t Religion?

Religion and sports both have important dates throughout the calendar. They both have sacred designs and special clothes. They both have revered spaces. Superstition in sports is like supernatural belief in religion. They both create an “us” and a “them.” How far can we take this comparison? Read more

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