Back and forth we go, arguing about who’s right on moral issues. I know of no easy solution to that problem, but I can offer insights into WHY liberals and conservatives differ. The key is seeing the individual components of morality. Read more

Take a look at our national motto, “In God We Trust.” Not only does it disenfranchise non-Christians, it steps on the Constitution. When pressed, Christian supporters admit the problem. We must return to E Pluribus Unum. Read more

We continue with our critique of Ray Comfort’s new book. Find out why Ray feels justified in denying atheists political power and see how he does when he takes his own Ten Commandments Challenge®. Read more

How common are Christian end-times predictions? Perhaps more common than you think. “The end is nigh!” is a prediction with a long history of backpedaling. Read more

We continue with our critique of Ray Comfort’s new book. Ray fills us in on how atheists think and opens up about how hurt he’s been with other critiques. (I doubt this one will cheer him up.) Read more

Ray Comfort signed a copy of his new book to me. It’d just be rude to ignore the opportunity to critique it. Read more

Christians gave the Boy Scouts of America a lot of criticism about their policy to allow gay Scouts three years ago. Let’s check in to see how the organization is doing. Read more

Is science the friend of Christianity? Or is building faith on a foundation of science a foolish enterprise? Cheer on your favorite gladiator as we explore the options. Read more

I passed as a Christian during part of my trip to the nation’s capital. Read more

I posted my Naysayer Hypothesis at a Catholic site, and someone wrote a response. Let’s take a look to see if it holds up. Read more

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