Ray Comfort’s Anti-Abortion Video “180”

Ray Comfort’s “180” documentary spends little time arguing against abortion, and no time making coherent, intellectual arguments against abortion. What it does talk about is predictable. [Read more…]

Yes, Biblical Slavery Was the Same as American Slavery (2 of 2)

Our Christian apologist turns to the New Testament to try to reclaim God’s moral mandate on the issue of slavery. [Read more…]

Yes, Biblical Slavery Was the Same as American Slavery

In an ongoing effort to let the Bible speak for itself, consider a recent post by a Christian apologist who energetically argues that biblical slavery and American slavery were very different. [Read more…]

5 Recommendations to the Pro-Life Movement

Why would I want to improve the stance of the pro-life position? Because there’s actually a lot of common ground, and we’re missing the chance to work together. [Read more…]

God Creates Evil

The Ten Commandments is a short list, and it doesn’t cover all of God’s shenanigans. We’ll also compare God’s holy book against a much better source of morality. (And about God creating evil? That comes from the Bible.) [Read more…]

God Needs a 12-Step Program to Obey His 10 Commandments

If God gave Man the Ten Commandments, you’d think that he’d be the one who followed them the best. You’d be wrong. Perhaps God’s guiding principle is “do as I say, not as I do.” [Read more…]

Hoare’s Dictum

A computer science pioneer makes a point about simplicity in software that also applies to apologetics arguments: some arguments succeed because they’re plainly correct, but others succeed only because they’re confusing. [Read more…]

“I Do Abortions Because I Am a Christian”

I so often focus on Christians with whom I disagree that it’s nice to find one that I can support. Meet a Christian abortion doctor who sees his profession as a ministry. [Read more…]

George Washington Couldn’t Tell a Lie … But God Can

You’d think that only fallible humans would have a hard time telling the truth. Perhaps God is only human, because this is a tough one for him, too. [Read more…]

Infinity—Nothing to Trifle With (2 of 2)

Some casually apologists toss around the idea of infinity. If they understood some of the complexities, perhaps they wouldn’t be so comfortable. (Concluded) [Read more…]